Advocare For ADHD

Virginia Carrillo

Virginia Carrillo in Moms With School Age Kids

Hi, my name is Virginia and my 7 year old was diagnosed with ADHD last year. I...

Kim Lodge
Kim Lodge

My children's pediatrician recommends Advocare for children other than medicating...


My daugher has adhd and she drinks spark. She is 9. I became a distributor of...

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Is My Baby Too Heavy?


Danielle in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

My baby is almost 4 months weighs 20 lbs was 6 lbs 6 oz at birth. Constantly...


Check with your child's pediatrician. I started my children on baby cereal at 5...

Rachel Rouse
Rachel Rouse

Always talk to your pediatrician before making decisions, but as long as you...

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Cloth diapers: yea or nay?

What are your experiences with cloth diapers? Would you recommend them or pass on them? What are the benefits vs. the drawbacks?

Chet MC

Chet MC

Yeah! Used them for all four kids. Saved us tonnes of money, and they really...


Cloth diapers are a good thing. I wished I had used them with my kids, but back...

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What's the best time of year to have a baby?

When planning for a baby, the time of year the baby is born can have an impact on your comfort, your child's education, and many other things. Is there a best time to have a baby?

Chet MC

Chet MC

My preference was - no late winter due date because I didn't want to need a winter...



My name is James I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the forum...

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What are the best healthy road trip snacks for kids?

With the holidays approaching, many families will be taking long road trips with their kids. What are some of your favorite snacks to bring along for the ride?

Michelle Cottingham

Michelle Cottingham

I will make a trial mix and sliced fruit.

Stephanie  Sanchez

Stephanie Sanchez

It is a 13 hour drive when we go to visit family So I can't take anything that...

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