Teenage tantrum

Mdm sim

Mdm Sim in Single Moms

I realized my son has suddenly changed to be very disrespectful and bad tempered,...

Barbara Conte
Barbara Conte

Boys are hard, especially against the mothers. We are not cool and we are seen as...

Mdm sim
Mdm Sim

Thanks Barbara, I shall do that, also read in this website that this could be due...

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Victoria F

Victoria F in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

Hi ladies, I'm new on here (and expecting), and I have a question for moms who...

Gena W.
Gena W.

I also couldnt breastfeed because of medication. We used Aptamil Formula and only...

Victoria F
Victoria F

Did you ever feel like less of a mother, even though you were doing the best...

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Baby cradle cap


Priya in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

My 4 month baby has cradle cap for the past month.. It smells now and bunch of...

Michelle Waldbillig
Michelle Waldbillig

Rub some olive oil into it and after a bit it will soften and come away. You may...


Thank u Michelle for ur reply.. I'll try what u said but more than the cradle cap...

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How can you improve your toddler's motor skills?

The toddler months are so crucial in terms of child development and learning, and every mom wants to do her best to encourage her child's growth. What are some great tips you...

Melissa Harding

Melissa Harding

Encuraging them to dress themselves, "Use both hands to put your shoes on" and...

Julie Sullivan

Julie Sullivan

Just putting them in an environment where they have to try to do things. Don't get...

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What is a good age to let your child have a Facebook account?

It seems like everybody nowadays has a Facebook account? At what age would you let your child get their own? What restrictions, if any, would you put on their Facebook use?



honestly facebook isnt a big deal anymore to us teenagers i remember dying to be...

Alyssa Kim

Alyssa Kim

I have been reading all of your responses. I have to say that many of the strike...

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Do your kids have facebook?

If your kids have facebook, what age did you start letting them use it? Do you monitor their usage? If you haven't allowed them to use facebook, why not?



my mum onley lets us to have facebook wen were in year 7.



let them get one. they are going to get one anyway. dont hide them from the world....

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