Poor eater


Sonal in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

My baby is 2 years old & doesn't eat fruit. Please suggest how I can help her eat...


Have you tried blending the fruits, or dry or even frozen fruits. Maybe chopping...


Does she eat veggies? Smoothies are usually a hit w/ a lot of kids... put some OJ...

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Ana cervantes

Ana Cervantes in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

I am currently breastfeeding my 6 month old baby boy but I am concerned that I am...


Eat every time the baby eats. Things like avocado provide good fats.


I had the same problem with my firstborn. I was scared, too. I asked a...

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Eating problem


Dr in Toddler Moms

My 18 month old baby girl is refusing to eat anything! Before this, she was eating...

Shadi Haag
Shadi Haag

kids can often not eat cause they are teething most kids stick everything in there...


Just try to give her enough water. Make sure she drinking good. As for the eating,...

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Feeling Sick


Alicia in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

Good morning! This morning I woke up with a runny nose and I have lots of pressure...

Jodi .
Jodi .

Yes. Whatever you are suffering right now will be developing antibodies, so your...


Thank You I'm actually feeling a lot better now I drank ginger Tea and I feel so...

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Young empty nester

Christine Smith

Christine Smith in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

Well, I am about to turn 44 this week and my "baby" left about 2 months ago. I...

Maria Vincent
Maria Vincent

Try taking up a new hobby! Make new friends! Do something you have always wanted...

Christine Smith
Christine Smith

Oh I am! I started preparing for this like 6 years ago, when my oldest was in high...

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How do I eat healthy on a tight budget?

Fast food can be tempting because it's cheap, but healthy eating is important for your child's nutrition. How do you eat healthy when you don't have much money to spend?



I am in the same position and am eager to read the responses

Priya Sachan

Priya Sachan

Cook fresh as much as possible. Fresh food is always healthier. Try to limit...

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When should a mom leave her job and stay home with her baby?

Moms make the decision to work or stay at home for a variety of reasons. In what situation should a mom leave her job and stay at home with the baby? When money isn't an issue?...



Hi everyone!!! I'm so excited share this testimony here about how i got my ex...



1) If you think your child needs full time caring of yours. 2) If your child had...

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What are your best methods to handle whining?

You know their every need has been met, but the children are just at an age where they're prone to whining. How can you teach your children a positive manner of asking for what...

Chet MC

Chet MC

I ask for a better voice. When they are very young I will script and model what...

Amelie Pittman

Amelie Pittman

I tell them I don't speak whinese and they need to speak English.

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How involved are you and your partner with your child's school?

In what ways do you participate with your child's school? Are you and your partner equally involved? What is the best way to stay active in the school community when you don't...



My husband and I has been through so many trials with family debt and his illness,...

Lika Saliscente

Lika Saliscente

I was very involved until they kicked me out for being TOO involved, which I...

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