Eating problem


Dr in Toddler Moms

My 18 month old baby girl is refusing to eat anything! Before this, she was eating...

Shadi Haag
Shadi Haag

kids can often not eat cause they are teething most kids stick everything in there...


Just try to give her enough water. Make sure she drinking good. As for the eating,...

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Poor eater


Sonal in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

My baby is 2 years old & doesn't eat fruit. Please suggest how I can help her eat...


Have you tried blending the fruits, or dry or even frozen fruits. Maybe chopping...


Does she eat veggies? Smoothies are usually a hit w/ a lot of kids... put some OJ...

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Ana cervantes

Ana Cervantes in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

I am currently breastfeeding my 6 month old baby boy but I am concerned that I am...


Eat every time the baby eats. Things like avocado provide good fats.


I had the same problem with my firstborn. I was scared, too. I asked a...

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Feeling Sick


Alicia in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

Good morning! This morning I woke up with a runny nose and I have lots of pressure...

Jodi .
Jodi .

Yes. Whatever you are suffering right now will be developing antibodies, so your...


Thank You I'm actually feeling a lot better now I drank ginger Tea and I feel so...

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Baby girl names

Toni morel

Toni Morel in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

I'm pregnant with my 3rd little girl and am having trouble coming up with a name....

sarah e.
Sarah E.

Amity, Serenity (that's 4 syllables), Calaty, Charity, Cassity, Karmity, Rafferty,...


Charity is really pretty and goes well with your other girls names :)

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When should kids know how to spell their names?

The first word children usually learn to spell is their own name. When should kids know how to spell their own names?

Lina Horn

Lina Horn

well my girl Jacquie always had a hard time spelling her name becuase its...



My daughter has 11 letters in her name and she learnt to spell it since 23 months.

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What to do if your teen is sneaking out

Generally, moms set curfews for their teens' safety and well-being, so it isn't just frustrating but downright alarming for moms to discover that their teens are sneaking out at...

A James

A James

My daughter is Pissed at me and wants me off her back she's been go out late and...

Brenda Harless

Brenda Harless

Im in a bind..i work graveyard daughter waits til im at work and her dad...

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Should I pay for grad school?

Colleges and Universities are getting more expensive everyday. Do you think it is your responsibility to help your child pay for a graduate degree?


I'm not a mother, but I am a college student who recently graduated high school. I...

Chet MC

Chet MC

No. Students are very much adults by the time they start graduate or professional...

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Will seizures slow my daughter's development?

Seizures can often be scary for parents and their children. But is there a risk of developmental delay for children who have seizures?

Lee Williams

Lee Williams

I've had seizures all my life. when I was young they were grand mal (Tonic clonic)...

Amy Ollett-Allen

Amy Ollett-Allen

I believe yes. My son will be 12 next month, diagnosed at 5, but had his first...

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Tips for keeping the mess to a minimum

Let's face it: children keep us on our toes! Unfortunately they also seem to be special dirt generators. What are some of your favorite tips for keeping the mess down to a...

Jeanene Batt

Jeanene Batt

Whatever your child likes to do: count, find letters, trains, cars...use this to...

Amanda Robertson

Amanda Robertson

To make picking up blocks fun, my 2 year son and I count the blocks as we put them...

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How will a mom know if she is ready to have her tubes tied?

What are some factors moms should consider when deciding to have their tubes tied? If you've had your tubes tied, what would you share with other moms about the experience?

brandi Harris

Brandi Harris

AN Amazing Testimony On A Spell Caster Who help me to get pregnant, So me and my...

Meredith Stone

Meredith Stone

I would say that it is very simple.... If you are asking the question then you...

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