Is My Baby Too Heavy?

Danielle in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

My baby is almost 4 months weighs 20 lbs was 6 lbs 6 oz at birth. Constantly...


Check with your child's pediatrician. I started my children on baby cereal at 5...


Always talk to your pediatrician before making decisions, but as long as you...

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Advocare For ADHD

Virginia in Moms With School Age Kids

Hi, my name is Virginia and my 7 year old was diagnosed with ADHD last year. I...


My children's pediatrician recommends Advocare for children other than medicating...


My daugher has adhd and she drinks spark. She is 9. I became a distributor of...

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How can an older child help with a new baby?

Some children are very eager to want to help with a new younger sibling. What are ways you can let your older child help with a new baby?


When I was pregnant with each of the younger 6, I took each of the older ones to...


The older siblings can help by assisting with diaper changes and getting supplies...

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What time does baby or toddler go to bed?

What's normal when it comes to bedtimes? Have different bedtimes worked better for your child than other? How has their bedtime changed as they have gotten older?


I think they should go to bed when they tell you they're tired.


My twin boys go to bed at the same time every night at 8pm. They wake up at 7am....

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What are easy ways for families to be eco-friendly?

We all want to protect the environment, but sometimes it can be hard for busy families to focus on going green? What are small steps you and your family take to reduce your...


There are a few things that can be done and we have found a company that makes it...


Many ways and they are cheaper too. First, you can buy used or 2nd hand. Any thing...

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What should I do with a baby who hates tummy time?

Tummy time: sometimes babies love it. And it's essential for their development. But... sometimes babies HATE it. What can you do to help your baby enjoy an activity she needs to...


Lay down on the floor facing your baby just a foot or less away and talk to...


First of all, I wouldn't stress too much about tummy time. Although there is...

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