18-30 year old  Stepmoms

If you are young, and a stepmom...and often get miserable or simply just want advise or share something, this is the place for you.


inlaws and baby momma issues?

there are many issues surrounding my dear SD. baby momma has primary custody and gives all her time to my ILs but fights my DH over custody for the child support and she hasn't...


new step mom ... fathers day questions

Hi ya all I'm a new step mom and as my husband was stationed overseas I have not yet met my step children (please no negativity)obviously I don't have this stepmother job...


being a step mum v being a mum

hey im finding it harder being a step mum, to a 10 year old boy then it is being a mum. is any one else in the same boat? and will it get easier?


Miserable with my 16yr old SS.

I literally dread going home after work because I will see him and instantly be bothered, annoyed, upset, etc. His BM is a mess, no help, part of the problem, made him into the...


Counseling for an almost 5-year old?

So the BM is pushing really hard to put my SD - who is not quite 5 - into counseling for "depression and anxiety" related to the split household situation. She claims SD is...


Father's Day and Birthdays

Why is it that the mean ex-wives and Bio Mothers, feel the need to completely ignore Father's Day and their children's fathers Birthday? They certainly remind them that its...


how to bond with 13yr old stepdaughter

Hello, I have been married to my husband for 2yrs now but have been together for 5 yrs and i have a 13yr old step daughter whom I have a difficult time bonding with....I need...


bio mom

Hi I'm a stepmom to a 16year boy and the bio mom wants us to buy him a 600 dollar bike. First of all his last bike got run over by a car because he was screwing around, He can't...


Bio Mom

Has anyone else just said forget it when it comes to getting along with the bio mom. No matter what I say she turns it in a complete 360. I feel that i should just say forget it.


One big fun mess (help!)

Ok, so I have a 6 yr old stepson named Jaden and I have a very delicate situation with him. I am going to try and explain my situation as best I can without it getting a chaotic...