What time is a good bedtime for 5 year old?

You don't want to let them stay up too late, but they are getting older. What's a reasonable bedtime for a child 5 years old?

Analea Kelly

Analea Kelly

My just turned 5 & 9 yr old are bathed and dinner-ed! by 6.30pm then we have a...


If you only have young children, an early bedtime is possible. But with 3 older...

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How do you support your partner during their custody battle?

A custody battle is likely to cause huge emotional stresses for anyone involved. How can you best support your partner during this trying time in their life?


Im actually a guy that has a girlfriend who is fighting a custody battle with the...

Ashley Nibert

Ashley Nibert

I found that my husband needed my organizational support as well as the standard...

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