hello i am new and have a son with specail needs

Jennifer - posted on 02/09/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 4 and Has (Soto's syndrome) with this syndrome and i am sure of other syndromes comes many diferent special needs.. But my Question is the lack of communiction between teachers and parents a good thing.. Y is it when the parent wants to be involeved we r being treated like we r bad parents or like we r jealous of the teacher.. Y is it a bad thing that we want to talk to the teacher about our child to find out what they r doing how they r doing and see if we can help each other do a better job for both ends.. Y is it that we have IEP meetings at school if the school or the teachers and other workers for ur child dont do the part in it and yet send rude letters home to the parent saying that they need to do there part in helping them to help the child when in fact they r the ones who r not doing the part that they said they would ... Y do they have a rite to be rude to a parent for wanting to communicate with the teacher and to say we just wasted there time that they had for our child.. Y do we not get credit for how well the child has done be for they got in to school.. i have devoted my life to my son and i will not be treated like i am a bad mother or talked down to.. and u maybe a teacher but until u spend endless nites and endless days at the hospital being told that they mite not live and until u r the one that gets up with them in the middle of the nite and u r the one who has to stay up all nite to make sure they make it threw the nite until u do that u have no rite to put a mother with a special needs child down.. u have the day and get to go home our day never stops for a mother with a special needs child...


Vickie - posted on 03/20/2011




Jennifer, I'm so sorry this has been a very bad experience for you. I am both a teacher and a parent of a special needs child. There have been occasions where I knew more than the professionals trying to help me. The teachers don't know everything. They are overworked and under paid. on top of caring for your child they have to document all that they do. The paper work alone can be overwhelming. be patient with the teachers they are only human and make mistakes too. In the future, I hope you will be working with gifted teachers who are called to the position of coming along side you to educate your child. Mutual respect is a must for any successful relationship, especially if we want what's best for the children.

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