ADHD Families Choosing Not To Medicate!

A group for families dealing with the everyday stressors that having a member afflicted with ADHD can bring, but rather than choosing to medicate with the sometimes very harmful & even in extreme cases, deadly medications, have opted to take a natural route instead through diet change, vitamins, supplements, etc. Please share what has & hasn't worked for you and let's work together to help educate one another & others who are battling with the choice of using the overly prescribed drugs or staying away from them. It may be a harder road to tow, but in the end our loved one's long term health may most certainly depend on it.


Silver linings?

If I hear, "Keep all Options on the table" One more time I may flip my lid. First of all is it really wise to approach an IEP plan for a student with the hope of a future...


adhd medication

My son was recently diagnosed with adhd, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, ocd, and may be possibly on the low end of the autism spectrum. The pediatric psychiatrist has...