What else is there for a child with ADHD, OCD, & ODD in the way of meds.?

Mary - posted on 02/29/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




We've tried Vyvance, it didn't do anything but make him worse. He's on Ritalin now, two 10 mgs a day, sometimes they work great other times not at all. Is that someting that happens until the meds. are gotten used to? Or is it a sign that we need to change his med to something else, if we change it, what else is there for a 3 yr old? All info helps.


Milisa - posted on 08/02/2012




I agree with carolyn see a child psychiatrist it is worth it. My son is on Tenex and it has done wonders for him. It is a medication that lowers blood pressure. It is not a stimulant and in my opinion the best one on the market for ADHD in small children. I was very reluctant to try anything because he was so young but he couldn't focus on anything. His preschool teacher was frustrated with his progress and focus and it was a special needs classroom. She noticed the difference and I didn't even tell her. He still has some attention problems but they have improved tenfold. Of course I can't say it will work for your child but I can tell you will try anything. I am sure you have heard this but also no TV sugar and limit Juice as well. While Juice is a great alternative to soda or fruit punch it has a ton of natural sugars that definatly effect my childs behavior in the same way as soda. 4 oz a day is all they should have. Not only does TV pander to the inability for a child to focus it also makes them irritable. Even educational programing can hinder a young childs neurological development. If your child likes a show, a half hour is more than enough for a day.

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Carolyn - posted on 07/02/2012




My 9 year old son is on Concerta 36mg for his ADHD, Abilify for mood stability( helps to control his rages, they are not as severe) and is actually just finishing up a residential stay at a mental health clinic where he was diagnosed with OCD. They started him on Zoloft for the OCD but we need to wait 6 weeks for it to fully kick in. It has been a long hard road but we seem to finally be on the right track. One thing with any medication that we have tried(and there have been lots) is that it may work for a little while and then as the body adjusts it suddenly wont work anymore. If there is one piece of advice I could give is that you should(if you haven't already) make sure that your child is seen by a child psychiatrist not a pediatrician. While the pediatrician can read up all they want the child psychiatrist works with these medications every day so knows them inside and out. When my son was first diagnosed at age 7 our pediatrician just kept increasing the dose of the same med when it would stop working instead of opting for something new. He ended up being on an adult dose and one day he just snapped. He did not have any issues growing up with SPD but he sure does now so be very careful. All the best!

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