Adoption Moms of Asian Children

Mothers of children adopted from Asia


helping the adopted child

What seems to help adopted kids who are struggling is to host an exchange student from the country your child is from. For us, having a Vietnamese student live with us gave my...


Aussie Adoptive Mum in Asia

I recently joined and would like to introduce myself. I'm an Australian living in Singapore with my husband and two adopted daughters from Cambodia (ages 5 & 3). I am...


Homeland tours

Has anyone done any homeland tours? What ages are your children? Do you use a tour group/guide/agency? Did you have a good experience. Our kids are 10 (son) and almost 8...


Tampa Bay, FL-any moms here?

We live in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida and I have not found any groups or any other parents in the local area yet. We are in the process of bring home our baby girl from...