Adoption Moms of Asian Children

Mothers of children adopted from Asia


Aussie Adoptive Mum in Asia

I recently joined and would like to introduce myself. I'm an Australian living in Singapore with my husband and two adopted daughters from Cambodia (ages 5 & 3). I am...


Homeland tours

Has anyone done any homeland tours? What ages are your children? Do you use a tour group/guide/agency? Did you have a good experience. Our kids are 10 (son) and almost 8...


Tampa Bay, FL-any moms here?

We live in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida and I have not found any groups or any other parents in the local area yet. We are in the process of bring home our baby girl from...


Certificate of Citizenship

Greetings! I have a question for those who have already completed the certificate of Citizenship for their child. I am in the middle of getting the paperwork done and am a...