2 week old infant with rapid breathing

Naomi - posted on 06/24/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My 2 week old son has had rapid breathing since birth. A normal newborn should be 40 breaths per min but he's always in the high 60-80's. We've been in and out of dr appointments every other day because his pediatrician is concerned. We can't find anything wrong with him. He eats well, is gaining weight, sleeps well, nothing in lungs, clean bloodwork, not blue, is not showing any distress, BUT is breathing rapidly. Has anyone else experienced rapid breathing in infants? Did it just go away on its own? Or what did it turn out to be? The dr's we've seen are a bit baffled by this and I keep hoping this is just something he'll grow out of rather than it be something wrong with him. Any advice?


Dorothy - posted on 06/24/2009




I have never experienced rapid breathing in infants before, If you are a woman of faith, pray for your son. Ask that his breathing be what is normal for him and just watch him. I hope it all works out for your family

Simone - posted on 06/25/2009




my little gil had the same thing we were really concerned to, we asked so many maternal nurses about rapid breathing in infants and they just said its normal, they will stop soon and sure enough it did my girl is now 11 weeks and she only did it for bout 4 weeks

Vicki - posted on 06/24/2009




My little guy had me pretty worried the first few months, as he was breathing quickly and erratically, and his little chest seemed to rise and fall with what seemed to be a lot of effort... My doctor however was not concerned. She basically told me that as long as he is not in respiratory distress, he is fine. This didn't help me to worry any less!! However, one day, he was fine. I didn't even notice that he wasn't struggling. I guess he just "learned" to breathe?

Amie - posted on 06/24/2009




as long as your baby is healthy and growing like a weed you have nothing to worrie about. just keep an eye on your baby and love him the way that he is. all 3 of my sons had something wrong with them with my new baby it was his heart it wasn't sitting where is should b and just look at him he is healthy and happy you wouldn't even know that we were wroried about him at all.

Shanon - posted on 02/02/2013




It's called persistent tachypnea. It can indicate problems, but it doesn't necessarily. It can take weeks or months to subside. The key here is good eating and gain, and good oxygenation. But If it goes along with other symptoms, you may want to get a chest x-ray or a cat scan to ensure against pulmonary aneurism or respiratory distress or pneumonia. If the rate is too high at birth and O2 is low, it can cause pulmonary hypertension and treatment will most definitely be required. Ask your doc, but it's most likely nothing.

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Fayth - posted on 05/17/2014




My 4 month old grandson is a rapid breather since birth his breathing is usually around 100 rpm he has and still is going threw tons of test so far everything has came up good thank The Lord his next step he is getting a stomach emptying test
eating and gaining has not been a problem he is a twin and up to 12 pounds his brother has no problems

Jodes007 - posted on 10/01/2013




HI Naomi Did you ever find a reason for your son's rapid breathing? My son is 2 months and has the same rapid, shallow breathing at times. The DRs did all kinds of tests but he is fine, with the exception of a minor non related heart valve issue. Would like to know that everything turned out ok for you so I can stop worrying.

Marabeth - posted on 06/24/2009




my newborn didnt experience that exactly but her breathing *was* strange the first month or so. i thought it seemed normal considering she had never breathed before.. anything you do for the first time will be difficult for a little while. plus she was fine in every other aspect (gaining weight, alertness, normal temperature, interest in nursing, etc, etc..). i bet he'll grow out of it but i'd say his immune system is better off not in a doctor's office. :)

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