4-month old rolled off bed and got a tender bump on her head

Dianne - posted on 01/23/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 4-month old zhoey rolled off the bed and bumped her head. we've been to the doctor and she said that the tenderness was caused by swelled tissues. but i'm still bothered about it being tender. have other moms experienced their babies having mushy bumps on the part where their babies hit their head too?


no discoloration, no vomiting, no fever and baby's feeding well


Cynthia - posted on 01/23/2010




Yes, its apart of life, when my now 15 month old decieded to start (trying) to walk at 6 months, he'd pull himself up on things and then just let go... He smacked his head so many times, the er nurses knew us my first, last and phone number... If the doc, says its okay just watch her and don't let anyone touch it..

Sarah - posted on 01/23/2010




yes. my almost 1 year old son is pretty accident prone. he's always bumping his head .. poor little boy .. but i guess when they get to the rolling,crawling,toddling stage bumps are inevitable.

we had to take him to A&E in an ambulance on halloween .. the worst 12st halloween ever .. as he managed to pull my sister's wax pot on himself! that was a very scary and upsetting experience .. luckily it was just superficial burns and he hadn't actually hurt himself .. it was just the stickyness of the wax that was making him distressed.

we had to take him for a few check ups but he got the all clear after a couple of days.

its great that you took her to the doctor but like michelle says don't worry! the doctors discharged her and she'll be fine. just be an eye on her in case though. xx

Michelle - posted on 01/23/2010




Dianne stop panicking..its ok. Babies and children will get lots of bumps and bruises in thier young lives. Im glad you took her to the doc. Now he said shes ok, so that means shes ok. Accidents happen and yes some can be avoided but some cant. In a split second babies roll and tumble of surfaces, children fall down stairs ina blink of an eye etc...
my daughter fell of the bed when she was 9 months old, I was so worried. She then fell down the stairs at 16 months and this terrified me but being a childcarer, knowing all the signs to look out for, had my first aid handy etc... I knew how to deal with it. I told the HV when we went for her jabs.

The main thing is shes being the normal baby that she always is. If you notice within 24-48 shes sick or gets temp then take her to the ER. Was the floor carpeted? If so she escaped a nastier bump, carpets always better than a wooden floor.When my daughter fell down the stairs I caught her about 3 steps from the bottom, I had to actually let her roll again before I grabbed her to avoid injuring her. If she ahd hit the bottom and the glass table I dont know what the consequences would have been, not nice I can predict. But these things happen. Now for next time, If you leave her no the bed at all, put her in the middle and place pillows on the floor by the bed just in case. If shes your first baby, these things can terrify you, when you get onto your second they dont scare you as much. Wait till she gets older and decides to run down the garden path and falls flat on her face! xx

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Natasha - posted on 10/13/2010




This just happened today and I'm checking his breathing every 10 mins!!! He cried for like a min and then stopped... I put ice on the head, no vomiting and he was laughing. I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow but I feel just awful!

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