6 week old with a cold???

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My 6 week old baby girl has had a pretty bad cold with no temperature for over 1 week now. She isn't sleeping much and has a very runny nose and is coughing a lot to try and get all the mucus up. I have tried rising 1 end of the cot. A vaporizer. Vick's on her chest, back, feet and throat and nothing seems to be working. Has anyone got any more ideas on how i can help her get rid of it. The doctor just says to let it run it's course....


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I take my little ones into the bathroom and run the hot water in the shower before bed. The steam helps loosen everything up and may help her sleep a bit. Also if you have a bulbsucker use it before and after she eats. It'll help with the congestion also.

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I agree with all the above posts. Also we were told that they have to get used to all the dust etc that is in the air and so that can drag them down a bit. Our baby got a cold around 6 weeks as well, it is not nice to see but there is limited stuff you can do. We would burn peppermint and eucolyptus together in the oil burners all day and use epsom salts in the bath. Keep it humid for them before they go to bed in the same way that you would treat croup.

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Our son caught a cold from my husband when he was only a couple of days old so there were all sorts of problems with getting him to feed etc due to his blocked nose. Stay warm and inside, unless you live in a really warm area. The advice above is all good but one thing I was thankful for whenever my son was sick was being able to breastfeed, so if you are breastfeeding, keep doing it! Not only are you providing the baby with immunity, you are soothing her when she feels unwell and providing plenty of fluids which will help with her recovery.

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My son just got over a cough/cold and he's only 6vweeks old! I took him to the doctor just to be safe. All we could do was saline spray in his nose, the bulb to clean out his nose.And we put the de humidifier on in the bedroom. It lasted about a week, he's better now. Make sure everyone who touches him washes their hands! Hope your baby is better soon

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When my baby is sick I give him a bath with California baby colds and flu before bedtime. This helps with his breathing a bit. Hope your baby gets better soon!

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theres not much you can do for a 6week old part from just rubbing and patting her back to help her get it up.

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