8 month old to fall asleep on own

Alison - posted on 02/24/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




i have an almost 8 month old breastfed baby. he is used to falling asleep feeding or me or dad lying beside him, where he holds our hand on our bed, to go to sleep. i need to get him out of this bad habbit. i hate the cry it out method. i tried today one time and he got so congested, worked up. any ideas. also when he wakes at night, i bring him to my bed to feed, its the only way to get him back to sleep.

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Erin - posted on 03/08/2011




i know the crying method is hard at first but when a baby is use to it there is no more crying and i now find that instead of crying they talk and ifind it cute as long as they are in there beds, if you let him cry make sure you are going in and giving him a cuddle so he knows he is not alone at if you keep letting him sleep in your bed he will soon get use to it if he isn't already and will keep waking up around the same time just to come and sleep with you then you will have to break him out of that habbit there are not many other things that i am aware of that could help you beside dont give and it does get easier and be strong that is the hardest thing with a crying baby

Lise - posted on 02/25/2011





if it works, stick with it! your baby won't be like that forever. i, personally, don't understand the pressure to make babies be so independent. i have always nursed my daughter to sleep (she's 16 months), but she falls asleep fine on her own at times as well. when she's ready, she'll do it every night. to me, it's like walking - you wouldn't stop carrying your child at 9 months because they "should" be walking if they weren't...

Sarh - posted on 02/24/2011




My son is also breastfed and I was against the cry it out method. The first night I went and got him after he got worked up, that night I let him fall asleep in my arms. The next night I could tell he was tired and didn't fall asleep while nursing so I laid him down in his crib and he fell asleep after about 10mins of crabbing and some crying, but he didn't get worked up. I don't believe in the cry it out method where you just leave them to cry and cry. 10 mins is all I will allow and that is all it takes. We have been doing it for a week now and now he goes to sleep 1.5-2hrs EARLIER!!! Last night he sort of whined for not even a minute and then he was laying down falling asleep.
At night time stop bringing him to bed with you, take him to the living room and sit on the couch or in a rocking chair if you have one. Nurse him and then rock him to sleep. Leave all the lights off and no noises.

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