9 month old: more physical than cognitive.

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I'd like to start by saying this, I know that all babies do things at their own times, so I'm not necessarily thinking that my baby is behind. I'm just being a worried first time mom who will take any help she can get, especially advice on how to encourage cognitive skills in my nine month old.

Bryce was saying "mama" and "dada" by 7.5 months, but I'm not sure if he was just babbling or actually saying it. He recently started standing and crawling, so he isn't "talking" so much. I know that once a baby develops another skill, they do that for awhile and may forget about "talking." But my concern is that he isn't really "talking." He isn't clapping, waving bye, or pointing. I've been reading a bunch of articles from parenting magazines saying that babies will point to things they want, or if you ask them where something is, they will point. He definitely is an active boy. He was standing at 7 months, sitting at 6 months. We didn't think he was going to crawl, but when he started pulling himself up at 8.5 months, he started crawl/walking. I'm very worried I am not doing enough with him. I feel like I'm a lazy mom because I am on the computer a lot. (Not that I ignore him!!!) He likes to play on the floor, we put his toys in separate corners, so he crawls to each toy, plays with it, then on to the next. I sit on the floor with him and try to show him how to push balls, or tell him colors. I read to him, but all he does it eats the books. I tell him the abc's and I count to him. I just don't feel like that is enough. I'd say that if Bryce is up for a total of 10 hours a day, most of it is him crawling around and playing. I'll do pat- a -cake, itsy -bitsy- spider, peekaboo with him, but he doesn't seem interested. Are there anymore specific things I can do with him, or just trust that once he master's all the physical aspects he can, he will go on to cognitive? I really hope I don't sound neurotic or too worrisome, it's just I play with him the best I can, but after being with him all day everyday, I don't know what to do anymore. Should I set aside a certain amount of time to do each game?


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Babies learn by play. I wouldn't always go by what a magazine says either. Babies make cooeing sounds at around 6 mths which may sound like mama and dada. The average age for a baby to say words and understand it is aroung 12 mths. Don't stress too much he will pick things up when he is readdy. Babies that they are talking about that point to what they want would be around 12 mths aswell. When they undertand objects more. He sounds to be on track. Crawling pulling himself up walking along furniture. As for colours and stuff that wouldn't come along til after 18 mths. What I do to read to my lil girl is get sparkly board books, she loves to turn the pages. Repeative is the key at the moment so make it small repetative books. also maybe try shorter play games like round and round the garden. Hope this helps. Just remember playing for children is there way of exploring and learning the world and he sounds like he is on the right track.

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