9 month old sick

Kimberly - posted on 02/23/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




First off my little one is 9 months old. Saturday my baby starting vomiting. She did that twice. So I gave her some water. She didn't even keep that down 5 minutes. So I gave her some pedialite. She kept that down. On Sunday, I gave her pedialite for her morning bottle and when she kept that down I started giving her bananas and applesauce. That night I gave her a bottle since she kept everything down and she vomited that back up. On Monday all she had was pedialite and baby food. And Tuesday she had the same thing except that night I gave her a bottle and she kept that down. This morning (Wednesday) since she kept the bottle down last night I gave her one this morning. She vomited that up but in two episodes instead of one. Well when it got time for her next feeding I tried baby food and she did the same thing. Now I am back to nothing but pedialite. She is having plenty of wet diapers and doo-doo diapers. Her stomach is hard as a rock so that is why I am worried. Any suggestions is great. And I have a doctor appointment for tomorrow evening but is there anything I can do now?


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Lise - posted on 02/25/2011




My daughter started vomiting last night, and we aren't giving her anything but breast milk and water. Once she'd gone about 5 hours without vomiting, we started adding tiny amounts of solids back in.

And I LOVE Dr. Sears's site!

Melissa - posted on 02/25/2011




my daughter was sick a few months ago (vomiting, not keeping her bottles down).
My doctor suggested to give her syringe droppers of formula (like the ones that come in tylenol). Give her a full one and wait 5 mintues, if she keeps it down try another one and again wait 5 mintues.That way she is still getting her formula.
You can try just giving her 1/2 oz from her bottle if you prefer, again wait about 5 minutes in between to make sure it doesn't come back up. If she handles that okay go up to 1 oz and so on. Hope this helps and good luck!

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