A period that won't stop

Courtney - posted on 03/02/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I had my son 4 months ago. I stopped breast feeding at 10 weeks and switched to formula. I got back on my birth control pills about a month ago. I have been bleeding since a week before I started the birth control. It has been 3 or 4 weeks now that I have been bleeding. Is this normal and do I just need to wait it out and see if my cycle gets back on track in a few weeks or is this something else? I just would like to know if my cycles will ever get back to normal after this first pack of pills is done with.


Carly - posted on 08/04/2012




hello, my name is Carly, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on april 5th and now its 4th august and my period still hasnt stopped. I went to the doctors and got an hormone pill called revidon, i taken one sacket, but i want it to go normal really. I was wondering how long is a woman on her period after given birth. and when am i likely to stop my period?

Michelle - posted on 03/03/2009




Keep going with the first 3 months worth of contraceptive. If after this time your periods dont settle into some regular pattern go back to your GP or nurse. Is the bleeding heavy? The pill can start all types of hormones racing around again. Just bare with it and see how it goes.

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Melissa - posted on 03/06/2009




I stopped breasfeeding at the same time 10 weeks and still hadn't finished my bleeding from baby being born. They say it takes longer for a c-section bleeding post pregnancy to settle down than natural births. Mine, well my daughter was born in May and 3 months bleeding on the mini pill (worst thing they could have invented), went to docs and got normal pill waited for another 5 months to really settle down into a normal cycle. As Michelle Jones said - Just bare with it. Your body will settle into a routine again when it has healed itself from the inside out.

Courtney - posted on 03/05/2009




It's not heavy but not light either.  I also have been getting headaches for the past few weeks as well. That is why I think it might be my hormones. I had these headaches when I was a few months pregnant and then when my hormones setteled down my headaches went away. So I guess I will try and stay on the pills for a few more months and then see my doc if the bledding won't stop. Thanks everyone.

Mary - posted on 03/03/2009




It took me pretty much 2 months for my cycle to start to settle down after I started the pill again.....but if you feel like this is different than just your hormones being all wonky you should talk to your doctor....you just might need different pill like Eliza said. 

Eliza - posted on 03/02/2009




they do you just have to persist with them or speak to your doctor i had the same problem but mine kept going for months apon months and it turned out i needed a different pill with a diffrerent hormone content.. :-) hope this helps

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