Am I over feeding my 1year old?

Charlotte - posted on 08/01/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Am I feeding my 1year old too much? He just always seems to be hungry! He is a little chunky but I just don't know If that's my fault? For breakfast he has a weetabix, yoghurt and water and then around 10 he has fruit and half a piece of toast at about 1 he has half a jar of food, some wotsits and another yoghurt and then sandwiches at about 5 with snacks in between? He won't drink milk during the day anymore except a bottle of cows milk after his bath before bed!


Elfrieda - posted on 08/01/2012




My son eats like crazy, too. I make sure he gets lots of fruits and vegetables (if he doesn't want them but he wants a cracker, that counts as "not hungry" in my opinion) and yogurt and let him eat. He got VERY round but now at 2.5 has been the same weight for a whole year and is only growing taller. I think he just gets fat, then gets taller. When I look at his growth chart as an infant, he did the same. If you have all that information written down for your son, take a look at it. You might see the same pattern and it'll make you feel better.

These days I sometimes say, "Now it's time for a break. You had two bowls of porridge and breakfast is all finished and it's time to play. If you are still hungry later, you can ask for more." Often if he got very hungry waiting for a meal to begin, he just needs a few minutes for his stomach to catch up after the first helping.

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