Anyone's baby do this?

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I think my husband and my 2 step sons have ruined my baby LOL! My 4 month old would rather be slung around, wrestled with, or chewed on than be cuddled! He likes to play rough--he hits, pulls hair, and even growls and roars at me! When he sits in my lap, he will roar at me or growl at me and wait for my reaction, so I make my eyes real big and make an "o" shape with my mouth and he just laughs and laughs! He also likes to crawl over to us and push us with his head--uses it like a battering ram-and laughs hysterically at us! Anyone else's baby boy do this?


LISA - posted on 09/22/2012




my little girl does this because her brother and everyone else in the family play rough... As long as they are happy. I find it hilarious! :-)

Katherine - posted on 09/22/2012




No, I had 2 girls. But it sounds normal and happy. Seems like he's gotten an early start on crawling and is just a very happy little boy :)

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Snows213 - posted on 10/01/2012




i had to bounce my daughter so hard on my lap or knee and her swing on the highest seting since birth to keep her calm or even to burp. Now at 3 months old she loves to be roughed around pinched (lightly) swung around. She loes when were really rough with her cracks up

Fiona - posted on 10/01/2012




My 2 1/2 year old still periodically crawls around and uses his head like a battering ram! We've got two dogs and we got a bit worried that he was learning more from them than us. He went through a phase when he was crawling and carrying things in his mouth, either a ball or a book. It was hilarious to watch him crawl across the floor with a book in his mouth, looking like a dog, then stopping, taking it our and sitting 'reading' it like a person. But he seems to be a fairly well adjusted little boy now and has figured out that he's not a dog... So don't worry, like someone else said it'll probably mean that he'll be less worried about getting little knocks later on.

Katie - posted on 09/30/2012




My daughter did some of this and she was my first born so didn't learn it from anyone else but she would find it hilarious if she managed to push me to the floor wen sitting and holding her, and would hit in the face on occation and found that funny wen I would pull a shocked face at her. I just think that as long as it doesn't go to far, and they are taught the limits of their rough play as they get older. It just makes them less fussed when they hurt themselves by falling etc, my daughter would just jump up and say I'm fine and carry on running. She has grown out of that now, but it has never affected her by playing rough when a baby. x

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