Are there any REAL work @ home jobs out there?

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Christina - posted on 07/30/2010




There are texting companies that do adult, non-adult, and psychic/tarot reading. They typically pay around 4-8 cents a text, thats incoming and outgoing. There are also places like Chacha, Mahalo, and KGB who are texting companies that hire people to answer the incoming texted questions. There are some blogging from home sites that pay per word. Even some calling based jobs, transcription (but is very hard to get into without two years of in office work) and if you live in a big enough city area you can find some secret shopping. There are also a few legit GPT (get paid to) sites like paid the fastest (i have been paid by them lots of times) and a couple others I would have to find in my book marks again, where you get paid to click or read or various other things of that nature. Some of these like the GPT don't pay the bills. You can get about 3-5bucks a day with them, but there are a few that can pay the bills.

This site actually checks out the stuff to make sure its legit before posting it

Oh also, the texting jobs are all done through the computer. A person texts from their cell phone, it gets routed to you on your computer while you're logged on to the site. be warned though chacha and KGB test you before actually hiring you to make sure you're up to the challenge.

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