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Charlotte - posted on 04/21/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




hi, im really stuck deciding on my 3 week old daughters middle name.

im worried about running out of time & not having one i really like 4 her.

her 1st name is Mia and both me & my partner like the name amy but cant decide on the spelling as he wants it spelt with the 'y' & i would like the less common 'ie' so i thought maybe we should just think of a different middle name 2 save arguments lol

please help, i didnt want popular names

many thanks x

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Natalie - posted on 04/22/2009




I like
Mia Scarlett
Mia Grace
Mia Rose (my own daughter's middle name)
Mia Evelynn
Mia Sylvie

let us know what you decide !

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My daughter who was born Jan of this year is named Ava and we couldn't think of a middle name until we realized Hope would be perfect for her.

Emily - posted on 04/22/2009




Let me make sure I have this right? You like Mia for a first name but can't decide on the spelling? You also can't decide on a middle name?If it is Mia pronounced "Mee-a" I would just spell it Mia. I think it looks prettiest and will save her having to correct people's spellings in the long run. It isn't a big deal how you spell it but my opinion is that the more common the spelling the easier for the child. Fortunately lots of middle names sound pretty with Mia. I love the name Charlotte which I see is your first name. Maybe Mia Charlotte? Other suggestions
Mia Scarlet
Mia Rose
Mia Joy
Mia Elise
Mia Katherine

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Hi, I had a similar issue with my little girl. I also don't like popular names. My boy Keigan Roy, Roy after both our dads, and I needed another stand outish/different name for my little girl. We called her Jaime and changed the spelling from Jamie and couldn't decide on a middle name. In the end I named her after my best friend Lisa. She was over the moon and it means something rather than picking a name from a hat. Hope that helps a little.

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