baby rice + baby food

Kirsty - posted on 08/20/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is 15 weeks old and already on baby rice and baby food...his 8 oclock milk has 3 teaspoons of rice then his 11 and 2 have 1 teaspoon...5oclock comes baby food, then 8 oclock and 11 oclock he has 1 rusk in his milk and 2am and 5am 1 teaspoon of rice in his milk...just wondering if anybody elses child is also this age and on rice and food or 1 or the other???xx


Lauren - posted on 08/20/2012




I know a friend who started giving her 3 week old pablum only like 3 tsp a day. how is your sons weight? i started my daughter on rice cereal for brekfast only at 4 months. after doing that for a month i added baby food as her supper. a month after doing that, i added in lunch, now at 7 months she has her brekfast when she wakes up of a cereal and fruit mix, lunch at noon with a vegitable, snack at 3pm of fruit and supper at 6:30 of vegitable or vegitable and meet.. every baby is different i guess. but doctors now a days tell us to never give our babies pablum in their bottles. if your baby can swallow the food and seems to keep his weight normal and not be gaining exsessivly then I think your okay. a Baby wouldnt eat if it wasnt hungry right........

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Kirsty - posted on 08/21/2012




hes weight wasnt good at first he is on infatrini!! he is now 12pound14...his dietician said if hes ready then hes ready!! i put baby rice in his milk as he wasnt happy on his feeds and im unable to give him more of his milk as its double calorie and high in salt x

Bekah - posted on 08/21/2012




Bottles are supposed to be for milk, and very rarely water, only and 3 months is still a bit young for babies digestive system to be able to tolerate baby food.
Is there a reason you are adding rice to his bottle?

Amy - posted on 08/20/2012




That seems like a lot of solids for a 15 week old. Is there a reason you are putting it in his bottle, it's really not reccommended.

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