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My son is 3 months old, he sleeps well in his crib during the night, but when I try to put him in his crib to nap during the day he looses his mind! He cries and cries. He will only sleep in his swing! Any suggestions on how to get him to nap his crib and not only a swing???


Ana - posted on 04/02/2010




I have a 7 month old and for the first 4 months he would only nap in his car seat during the day. I tried the crib and did not work, he too would cry, but when I would just put him in his car seat he would fall asleep peacefully and sleep long. So I just let him tell me what he needed and slowly after he turned 5 months I began putting him in his crib even if he just slept for short periods of time. He eventually got used to the crib during the day and now at 7 months sleeps anywhere from 1-3 hours naps. He's always been good about sleeping in his crib all night. I guess if your baby sleeps well in the swing and it works for you, maybe it's not a bad thing.
----- good luck.

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Melinda - posted on 04/03/2010




I would say try a few things but do what feels right. It depends on yours and your baby's personality. My little guy had the same problem. He used a swaddler until he was about 4 months and then he would only nap in his swing after that. But he'd sleep in his crib at night. I think he liked the comforting feeling of the swing being around him... it didn't even have to be swinging. So we gave in. He slept in it for naps until he was about 7 months old when he didn't like it any more because he wanted to be on his belly.

I also agree with some of the other moms. Try to replicate the bedtime routine for naps. Thats what we did when we finally transitioned to the crib for naps. He put up a little fuss but then he went to sleep. All in all my hubby was a stay at home dad... he was not feelin the crib for naps... you gotta pick you battles eh?

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Thank you all for the advice, I agree I need to break this habit. It's just hard when he cries up to 40 mins. I keep checking on him and offering his soother, but still he cries. I will try doing his bedtime routine minus the bath! Thanks again.

Brittany - posted on 04/02/2010




When my son was around that age (he'll be 8 months this month) he started getting used to being in his swing all the time and sleeping in it. I got him out of the habit as soon as I could. He may be crabby for a few days and it's definitely going to be hard but it will be easier now then months down the road. What if you keep meaning to do it and just keep pushing it back and back? (I'm a mom too, I know things get pushed away a lot, we're very busy people.) Once he outgrows the swing he won't be able to sleep in it any more. It's best to just flat out not let your child sleep in anything that they cant grow into.

Shaina - posted on 04/02/2010




I do the same thing as Becca. One thing that I found when my son was younger was to lay him down before he was to the point of 'loosing his mind'. I would start the routine at the first sign of him being sleepy and as he got a little older I'd give him a small quiet toy to play with if he wasn't quite ready to go to sleep. Good luck!

Becca - posted on 04/02/2010




I use my night time routine for nap time (not including the bath): lullaby as I carry him to his room, tuck him in and give him his pacifier, and turn on his music box (it used to be part of his mobile but he's too old for the mobile now). I find that helps him cue that it is time to sleep. Sometimes if he's not quite ready to settle I'll read him a story while he's in his crib.

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