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Did you know?
• Today, children are exposed to thousands of substances in the environment, most of which have never been tested for toxicity to children.
Source: Center for Children's Health and the Environment of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine
• Out of 1,435 pesticide poisonings in a one year period, over 40% were due to exposure to disinfectants and similar cleaning products in the home.
Source: State of California Study
• Cancer is now the number one cause of death from disease for children over the age of 5. Only 20% of the cases of childhood cancer are due to genetic factors. Some experts argue that 30% of all cancers are caused by exposure to toxic chemicals.
Source: Philip Landrigan, M.D. of Mount Sinai Medical Center
• Dr. Doris Rapp believes that two-thirds of the millions of children on Ritalin are actually suffering from acute allergic reactions to environmental agents found at home and in schools.
Source: Dr. Doris Rapp, Is This Your Child’s World?
• Women who work in the home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who work outside of the home.
Source: 15 year EPA study
• Asthma rates have tripled in the last twenty years with 20 to 30 million Americans currently afflicted.
Source: Mary Ellen Fise, Indoor Air Quality
• Chemicals get into our bodies by ingestion, inhalation and absorption but only about 10% of poisonings are from ingestion.
Source: Kay Heizer, Healthy Choices
• Over 150 chemicals found in the average home have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities.
Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission
• Just reducing (not eliminating) environmental carcinogens alone, would save at least 50,000 lives from cancer annually.
Source: Dr. Lee Davis, former advisor to the Secretary of Health
• Quaternium-15 is a preservative found in many cosmetics and industrial substances that releases formaldehyde. It can be found in numerous sources, including but not limited to: mascara, eyeliner, moisturizer, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, nail polish, personal lubricants, soaps, body wash, baby lotion or shampoo, facial cleanser, tanning oil, self-tanning cream, sunscreen, powder, shaving products, ointments, personal wipes or cleansers, wipes, paper, inks, paints, polishes, waxes and industrial lubricants.
Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
• Formaldehyde is a probable human carcinogen.
Source: IARC 2004, OEHHA 2004, NTP 2002
• An estimated 65 percent of U.S. adults are either overweight or obese.
Source: Results from the 1999-2002 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)
• In 2002, data showed that 15% of children and teens are considered overweight, a tripling since 1980. An additional 15% of kids and teens are considered "at risk" for becoming overweight.
Source: How to Teach Kids Nutrition to Kids by Connie Liakos Evers, MS, RD>

• Diabetes, hypertension and other obesity-related chronic diseases that are prevalent among adults have now become more common in youngsters.
Source: American Obesity Association Fact Sheet
• Olympic Athletes come in all colors, shapes and sizes. They come from all over the world. But all great athletes have one thing in common: they take care of their bodies.
Source: Gateway to the Summer Games website by EdGate

Here is a couple of websites to learn more: http://www.MomsLiveLife.com or http://www.AHealthyLifeForAll.com


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While I did not have the statistics, I know/believe much of this is true. We live in a society now where people are afraid of their own shadows, yet they allow companies to sell them products filled with horrible ingredients! Personally, I do not buy or use antibacterial soaps or cleaners because they are detrimental to one's health used regularly!

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