do you have to wear a bra when you're pregnant?

Lauren - posted on 07/03/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




before i was pregnant i never wore a bra. i didn't like the way my boobs looked when i wore one. my question is, if i don't wear one before i start nursing will my girls "hang low"? is it just a myth?


Vicki - posted on 07/05/2010




Yes, you have to, otherwise the boob police will come and lock you and your boobs up.

It's up to you. Your boobs will change shape either way because you are having a baby. I did what I did pregnancy, wore a bra some of the time and other times I didn't, depending on what I was wearing normally. Towards the end of my pregnancy I leaked colostrum sometimes so wore a bra then. Ftr my boobs are softer and slightly larger now,d but not droopy, they can't see my belly button yet.

Alice - posted on 07/03/2010




That myth is just as funny as this one... "if you don't wear a girdle while pregnant, you will never have a flat belly again." Haha! I had people tell me that, but I would just say thanks for the advice (most who said that were not close enough for me to go into a debate over it). My belly's just as toned and flat as before pg and I've had 4 babies.
Personally, I was much more comfortable with a sports nursing bra because I was big before, and hormone change didn't help! But, Toni's so right; you're body will return to normal (at least, usually, if you take care of it) and you won't be "sagging" if you don't wear a bra. :)
Hope this helps!

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Personally I couldn't imagine not wearing a bra anytime and I don't have the biggest boobs around. During pregnancy bras were a godsend because the increased size/weight of your breasts can cause backache so a well-fitting bra is essential.

Rachel - posted on 07/04/2010




Depending on your size, and how your milk comes in you may not need one at first. But, you will need to get at least one, especially if you plan on breastfeeding. Very cute and comfy ones are at They have a GREAT maternity selection. They expand two cup sizes so you'll continue to fit as you grow. Just know if you go elsewhere, avoid underwires. If you don't wear bras now, you'll especially hate them.

Even if you don't breastfeed, your milk will still come in and you'll go up a few cup sizes. This can start to happen by the second trimester to especially the last. Even if the size doesn't become an issue you'll begin to leak pre-milk and you'll need some disposable or washable breast pads to keep from inking yourself. Which the bra will help keep in place.

And just between us and the girls, nothing is more unpleasant to see on the street then free range hens (so to speak). There will be more then enough time to go back to your norm after the baby is born and your cup size returns to normal.

Best of luck!

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It's just a myth - you will find that your boobs change when pg and BF because they fill with milk and when the milk decreases they can feel less full which is why mums think that BF will make their boobs sag.

I actually found that in the latter stages of pg and while BF my son my boobs were so big it was too uncomfortable to wear a bra so I didn't and my boobs are certainly not round my ankles, they are exactly where they were before!

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