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For the last 2-3 days my 3 month old daughter has had a cold in her eye( Green gunk, red around her eye) Her eye itself isn't red, just around her eye. The longer she is awake the better it looks and right after she wakes up is when it's worst.Her eye is also pretty watery. I've been periodically wiping her eye with a cool damp cloth, being careful not top mess with her eye too much and make it all dry and irritated. My questions are

a) How long should I give it before I take her to the doctor for it?
b) Is it really a cold or do you think it might be pink eye?

She hasn't been around anyone who has pink eye, but she has had a cold for a little over a week. I assume it is a cold in her eye because she is at that age where her hands are EVERYWHERE and I think she has probably just spread her cold to her eye. She isn't overly cranky and doesn't seem to even realize that her eye is all funky. Any advice???


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hello my 20wk old daughter has had the same keep bathing with cooled boiled kettle water give it a week if no improvement you need some antibiotic drps to put in up to 6 times a day be careful not to infect the ther eye good luck sonia x

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