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Tiffany - posted on 04/04/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




i have a wonderful baby boy but im hoping to have a girl in the next few years. are girls easier as babies? do they hit milestones faster? my guy was a very fussy colicky baby the first 2 months of life but now he is ok but i cant take him out anywhere with out him screaming his head off so now my husband just goes food shopping also me and my husband are the only ones that can hold him which to be honest i really dont care cause i love holding him anyways yeah just wondering if girls are different and any tips on having a girl when im ready?

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Ashley - posted on 04/05/2010




i think it depends on the child. i have two boys. My oldest is very high maintenance. He's very whiny and is into everything. My youngest is one of the easiest babies i have ever been around. I can put him on the floor to play and he'll start getting upset when he's tired or hungry. he'll go to sleep at 7:30 pm and wake up at 8 am. where as my oldest wont go to bed til 10-11 and up at 8. My friend has a boy and girl and she said her girl is a lot harder than her boy. She's into everything and wont play on her own. My oldest and my friends daughter are two months apart...her daughter is older. My son walked before her but she talked before him. My youngest was crawling at 7 months but oldest was 8 1/2 months. My youngest is now 9 months and is pulling himself up where as my oldest didnt do that til about 10-11 months. It all depends on the child

Diana - posted on 04/05/2010




I have 4 girls and 2 boys my girls were a lot easier than my boys. They didn't fuss much and easy to take care of. I could go anywhere with my girls when they were little had no problems, considering that from the oldest to the youngest there is only a 6 years difference in age. Now with my boys I can't seem to go anywhere without my oldest son throwing a fit, he is only 3 and my baby boy is 11mnths. I would rather go out with someone else with me to help me with them. Now my girls are more of a handful now that they are older. I sit back and think everyday how i managed with them all when they were all under 5yrs old and no problems and now I just don't know what to do at times. So to answer your question in my case YES girls are easier to care for than boys as babies. I think thats why i had so many...LOL

Linda - posted on 04/05/2010




I think girls reach milestones earliers than boys, like crawling and walking etc, my little girl is very independent and likes to do things for herself a lot of the time. There again I think boys are easier as teenagers, I know I have quite a few years before my daugther becomes a teenager but am not looking forward to it lol

Holly - posted on 04/05/2010




I have a boy (19 now) but he was a very easy baby, perfect to be exact. Once he hit his toddler years he became a typical child and threw fits like they all do. I now have a 15 month old little girl and again a perfect baby, but I will say it seems like she will throw a temper tantum allot more and her fuse is quicker than my sons ever was (that I can remember anyway). I have always heard from everyone that girls are harder than boys but until she is older and we go through the issues of having a girl I really dont know. I think it all has to do with your parenting. If you let them get away with everything and dont socialize them then you are going to have a child that doesnt listen and who is clingy. We are the ones that write on the slate of our childrens lives, it is up to us to teach them right from wrong and let them know when their behavior is unacceptable. This doesnt mean they have to be physically reprimanded, a change in the tone of your voice can do just as much. I love my children to death, but they know when I speak to them in a certain tone that it is time to knock off the nonsense. Doesnt mean I dont love them and that they dont get away with allot, but they do know when I have had enough and they need to straighten up... Good luck with it.

Nikki - posted on 04/04/2010




every baby is different , I only have a boy and he is one of the easiest babies, but ever since he became mobile he is go go go all the time, so Im running around alot, but he never really cried he sleeps extremely well, eats well. I have always been told boys were easier and it has become evident around my friends and both my family and my husbands , they boys were always such easier babies. I find boys are more independant and can easily amuse themselves. Im hoping to have another boy and maybe down the road a girl. Even as they grow older I think having a teenage girl would be alot more difficult

Emily - posted on 04/04/2010




Every baby is different. I don't think girls are "easier" than boys, or vice versa.

Jess - posted on 04/04/2010




I only have a daughter, I have lived with 2 little boys before, but they were older than my daughter. So its hard for me to compare. My daughter is a breeze though. She will go to anyone, loves to play by herself and has hit her milestones on time, she is 7 months and already about to walk ! We skipped over crawling for the most part.

I think their is a huge difference between girl babies and boy babies though.... other than the obvious of course !

Deborah - posted on 04/04/2010




I have two boys but have heard from others that girls are easier to look after while young. They tend to entertain thenselves better and do reach milestones sooner. But again it has been mentioned that teenage girls are harder to look after than teenage boys.

Sarah - posted on 04/04/2010




I think each child is different no matter boy or girl. It all depends on their personality and temperment. My son was a very laid back baby and was very easy. My daughter on the other hand was not so easy. She would cry if I was not the one holding her and was hungry a lot (eating about every hr around the clock for the first 2 months). They both continue to carry out those kinds of personalities. My son (12 yrs. now) is still pretty laid back. My daughter (8 yrs. old) on the other hand is more drama.

Sarah - posted on 04/04/2010




i can't really comment because i only have a little boy.

but he was hard work when he was tiny .. colicy .. bad teether etc .. he's 14months now and a complete mischief.

but i have actually heard from a few mums that girls are actually easier as babies .. may not be true for all.

but then again girls tend to become a bit hard work when they grow up .. teenage girls spring to mind. eek.

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