Good breast feeding foods?

Mary - posted on 11/30/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm about to give birth to my 2nd child and plan to breastfeed. With my first baby, I was sooo hungry for the first few weeks and months when I was breastfeeding around the clock. It was a desperate, gotta-shove-food-into-my-mouth, any-kind-of-food hunger! I just wonder what are some good for you, but high calorie and easy to make (or even better pre-prepared!) foods to instantly satisfy that crazy hunger. I remember eating a lot of granola bars, nuts, cookies, and cheese - definately lots of calories! I'm looking for suggestions for nutritious snacks or quick, easy to prepare foods for my voracious appetite.


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Oatmeal is my favorite!! It helps with milk supply and it is also a great tummy filler. However, if you are like me when you have a tummy full of nice warm food you just want to sleep. haha. I would highly advise against pre-prepared foods. Watch your sodium intake, canned and frozen foods along w/deli meats or anything processed for that matter are very high in sodium and other preserving things. Grilled cheese are fast and easy to make, oatmeal like I said and it only takes about 5 mins to make, cold cereal is great and my favorite, but my bubby is lactose intolerant so I also have to stop the grilled cheese. I am guilty of eating lots of cold cut sandwiches, they are high in sodium, but they are really good and quick to make, I've also grilled those up... just throw some butter on the outsides of the sandwich and throw it in the pan. We are big red meat eaters and have Hamburger Helper a lot, it is quick and easy. I LOVE making casseroles, doesn't take long to put them together and then you just leave them in the oven for about 30-40mins normally. Pot roast is another good thing to make.
For snacks, I eat LOTS of saltines w/peanut butter, graham crackers w/peanut butter, and even 100% whole wheat bread w/peanut butter. You can also do celery, but that is a bit more time consuming w/washing and peeling (I peel the long stings off). You can also do Apples w/peanut butter. We go through peanut butter like crazy as you could imagine, but we are part of the WIC program and we get about 6 jars of peanut butter per month because I'm fully breast feeding and I have a daughter who will soon be 5yo and no longer able to receive it. But anywho, I also make egg salad for sandwiches. This is pretty simply, just allow the eggs to boil, peel them, mash em up w/some mayo and add a bit of salt or pepper. You can eat it by it's self or on saltines or as a sandwich... you can even add diced up celery to the egg salad.
There is soo much more, but I'll leave room for the rest of the moms. :)

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