Help! how to clean babies uncircumcised penis??????

Vanessa - posted on 03/27/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




Ok, so my son is 4 months old. I pulled back babies skin on the penis just a tiny bit to clean. Nothing to major. However my husband ( who is circumcised) pulled it back. I was in shock because I had never seen it like that. The head was kinda purplish and red and then I noticed to small tears on the side of the skin. There was a white film on the shaft which I cleaned. He didn't cry. It doesn't seem to hurt him when I do it. (I have pulled it back a few more times.Like 2 other times within 2 days, but have stopped, just cause I'm not to sure if this is right. ) I'm super worried because I looked on line to do some research, and they said that its a big no no. How do I care for it now. Should I continue to pull it back and clean it or just leave it be.


Jessica - posted on 03/29/2010




i would take him to your docter and have him look. we did not circumcise our boy and we were told not to touch the foreskin till he was 2 or older. Please do not do that anymore and have him looked at.

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You should NEVER pull back a babies foreskin. Just keep an eye on it now in case it gets infected. If it doesn't just clean the tip.

Joy - posted on 03/28/2010




Ask your doctor. When my son was circ. i took a unsented baby wipe and lightly wiped it off. put plenty of vaseline on it. When you give him a bath dont wipe it with a wash cloth gently wash it with mild soap and water sqeeze soapy water over the circ. then repeat with clean water. everyday pull back the skin on the lower part of the penis away from circ. site to keep t from growing back you only need to do that till is fully healed.

Rocketpower_99 - posted on 02/27/2014




At my sons 4 month appointment my doctor told me to pull back the skin until your baby reacts then it mean you went far enough. After she told me that I was so confused.

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Xocasityxo - posted on 03/02/2014




Ahhhhhh STOP!!! Never ever pull back a childs uncircum. skin.....You will do damage to the penis. its not ready to be pulled back yet

TeBeth - posted on 08/07/2012




OMG! Stop what your doing now. Never pull back and infants foreskin. Of course it is purplish. Its bruised and hurt. Doing that is the same as ripping off one of your fingernails. The foreskin is attached and is meant to be left alone until preschool or even elementary school. It will retract on its own when your son gets older. If i were you, I would've taken him to the doctor immediately after I saw that your husband pulled the skin completely back. That is defiantly a BIG NO NO! I'm very surprised that your hospital didn't send you home with care instructions after making such a big decision as this. I'm deeply upset with them. I only wish that you had a nurse come in and explain how to take care of your sons genitals and given you care instructions to take home with you like I received after my sons birth.

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We havent got our son circumsised. he is now 22 months and i also didnt know what to do lucky my husband did know and told me not to touch it. The bath water is generally enough to wash it. His forskin might also not retract til after 6 ot 7 yrs old. Even at 2yrs old it isnt recommended to do anything as it will take care of its self. The more you do pull it back the more likely it is to get an infection!

Melissa - posted on 03/28/2010




My dr. said that if we didn't circumcise that we couldn't pull the skin back until he was 6 years old. You are just supposed to clean around it. Keep on eye on it so it doesn't get infected and just leave it alone, just clean around it.

Beth - posted on 03/28/2010




previous posters are correct, the little guy has natural secretions there that keep the head and foreskin clean , for the most part. it will normally fully retract when he is erect by about 2 ( yes babies get erections , come on now)
gently pull back and wipe with clean baby wipe, if he didnt seem in pain and no bleeding or swelling , he might just be one whos skin retracted sooner since you have pulled it back , continue to do so , unless it seems to pain him , its a little early and since you said it seemed torn the worry now would be healing and adhesions, where the foreskin heals to the head of the penis preventing future retraction.
but as always talk to the pediatrician as well please

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They say not to pull back the skin, so dont do it. It will sort itself out in time. You dont need to clean it, just keep an eye on it and see a doctor if you are concerned

Emily - posted on 03/27/2010




Ask your doctor... but I would let it be. You should never forcibly pull back an infant's foreskin. It will retract on its own in several years. Just leave it alone for now and wipe the outside parts. If it starts to get red or looks infected, see the doctor.

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