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Jennifer - posted on 03/09/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




my daughter had to be put on soy formula because she couldn't tolerate regular formula. She does much better on it than the regular formula, but she still throws up a lot. I know "spit-up" is normal, but sometimes it's a lot more than "spit up." I have mentioned this to her doctor, but she just tells me it's normal...I don't think so! any suggestions on what to do to eliminate the throwing up? Thanks

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Kayla - posted on 03/12/2010




my son is 6 weeks old and was having the same exact problem except i was breastfeeding and formula feeding. we finally switched him completely to formula and the "spit up" continued. seemed like he was losing his entire bottle at times. we switched him to soy and the doctor recommended adding about 1-2 tsp of rice. took about a week but he seems to be doing alot better now. still spits up a little but nothing like before. he did get constipated though. so his doc said to give him an ounce of half prune juice half water 3 times a day till he got regular. seems to have done the trick :]

Andrea - posted on 03/09/2010




Both my kids ue to do this.. With my son the put him on soy thinking he would be better (which he was to a point) Then they figured out that he had really bad Acid Reflux.. So they told me to put 2 tsp Rice cereal in bottles and put him on meds for it.. My daughter however and breastfed and was born with gastroschisis (insides outside body) so we knew she would have Acid Rflux before she was born.. (as most Gasto babies do) The only thing with her is that she couldn't have cereal in her bottles.. I know alot of doctors will recommend meds but some times just a little rice cereal will do the trick to help.. (Always ask your doctor before putting any thing other them formula in the bottle) Most of the time with making the formula thicker it will help but it only take 2 tsps... I would ask yor doctor if it could be acid reflux... Hope this helps if you have any question please please feel free to ask... Take care and best wishes...

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My daughter had the same problem until she was 9 months.....I was always so worried but my doctor assured me it would stop around 9 months and it did! It was something to do with an underdeveloped ' flappy thing ' in their old is ur daughter? If she's gaining weight properly then I would worry about it, it may correct itself like my daughter's did! Hang in there......good luck!

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