How did you prepare for having a baby?

Katherine - posted on 06/06/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Did you take classes? I didn't :/ Did you have the nursery all set up? That I did do. What about relaxation courses with your spouse? Didn't do that either. Should have with the amount of pain I was in.
Although the 2nd was easier. But I was induced both times and I swear they gave me too much pitocin! That stuff is EVIL!!!!

They also messed up my epidural. Right after they gave it to me they turned me on my left side so I was numb for 24 hours, I could barely push. My second experience was awful.

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Teresa - posted on 06/08/2012




Never took any classes, but my 8 year old came 3 months early so there was no time. My 4 month old came 5 weeks early after 3 months of stoppping preterm labor ( painful). Both boys were born within 30 mins. of the first REAL pain and within minutes of making it to the hospital 10 mins away. So NO class would've sufficed and I could even give one on, "WHen your birth experience does NOT inlcude drugs!"

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I didn't take any classes my doctor told me that as long as I kept an open mind about the epidural I probably wouldn't need them. The night before I went into labor my husband said he was going to put together the dresser and crib the next day. Needless to say that didn't happen, he ended up having to leave the hospital the day after I had him to put the dresser together. The crib wasn't up until he was a couple weeks old. That wasn't that big of a deal since he slept in a small rocker bed.

I did get the epidural and I'm glad that I did because our son ended up being much larger than expected (9lb 15oz). I had to get a pescription for my cramps because they were so bad I had to go home from work a couple times so there was no way I was going to be able to push him out without something.

Brittney - posted on 06/06/2012




I took classes at the hospital which included a tour (but I wasn't going to deliver at that hospital), relaxation courses were with it, we practiced pushing and breathing, but it didn't help during delivery (should have taken the classes earlier than a few weeks before being due). The nursery was ready, my husband had to leave the hospital early in order to move everything out of his grandparents house into the apartment. I wasn't induced other than getting my water broke. From start to finish active labor to delivery was faster than I expected (everyone told me that it could take days) Went to the hospital at 2p and delivered at 8p, the first few hours were spent walking around and taking baths, then when it got too uncomfortable everyone was telling me to breath (in those classes we should have been practicing breathing more than talking). No epidural or pain meds.

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