How Much FORMULA Did Your Newborn Drink?

Michelle - posted on 05/25/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




I knw every newborn is different. but how much, if you can remember, formula did your newborn eat or drink. was it every 2 hrs or 3 hrs?


T_cjones108 - posted on 05/25/2009




my boy from the time he was born eat 6-8ozs every 2.5-3hrs! he was a big eater! but i asked and i was told that amout is fine and that he may slow down in the amount he eats and hes weight gain! he is almost 11months now and did slow down in the amount he eats and his weight gain!

Jasmine - posted on 05/25/2009




My daughter who is now 1 month drank 4oz every 3 hours after she was born but now she drinks 8oz every 2 hrs or 3 depends on when she wakes up.

My other daughter who is now 4 and 1/2 years old never took the bottle straight breast milk she didn't like the bottle nipples at all.

Brittany - posted on 05/25/2009




When I put her on formula she would drink 2 ounces every 3 hours. Now she's 1 month and drinks 3-4 oz every 3 or 4 hours.

My doctor gave me a bunch of info and in it it says that they should drink 2 to 3 ounces per pound in 24 hours. So if the baby weighs 7 pounds they should drink between 14 and 21 ounces in a 24 hour period. I think how much they eat at a time and how often should be left up to them. Just kind of keep track to make sure they are getting the total amount in a 24 hour period.

Does this help you at all?

Erin - posted on 05/26/2009




My son is almost 8 weeks old and is drinking about 4-6 ounces every 2.5-3 hours. Sometimes the 4 ounces seems to satisfy him and sometimes he is still hungry so i make him another 2 ounce bottle. I have struggled the last couple days as he seems hungry with in 1-2 hours after his last bottle. I am wondering if he is getting enough to eat or if I should be increasing his bottles to 5-6 ounces for each feeding. He seemed fine with 4 ounces every 3 hours from the time he was 2 weeks old until 5 weeks, and then the last few weeks he rarely can go 3 hours with out feeding. I know every baby is different and it can be frustrating!

Michelle - posted on 05/25/2009




thanks mommy!

that helps. my newborn is about a month and drinks 3-4 every 3-4hrs. =D I always thought it was a bit much, but she is gaining weight for sure, and seems to always be satisfied when fed. thanks sooo much

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my son is 6 weeks old and averaging 35-40 ounces per day. He sleeps 6-8 hours at night has a 6 ounce feed when he wakes upand after that every 2 hours or sooner he eats 4-5 ouces. It's crazy sometimes it takes 40 minutes to feed because of gas and you're back at it an hour later. I've tried increasing the 4 ounces but he ends up wasting it.

Briann - posted on 05/26/2009




My son was eating routinely every 2 hours anywhere from 4-8oz until he was about 4mths and then he was eating 4-6oz every 3hrs or so. He is a little chunker haha but was 5weeks early and you wouldnt even know the difference...he just turned 6mths and I go through 9-11 cans of formula a month even with giving him food at least once a day!

Laura - posted on 05/26/2009




My son ate 2oz. before his surgery at 3 weeks old and then after he was 5 weeks old he ate about a can and half of formula a day. My daughter did have formula until she was 3 months and she would eat 5 oz. every six hours. That mainly happened during her growth spurts. It all depends on baby. Just watch your baby's ques.

Jenny - posted on 05/25/2009




When i breastfed it was every 2 hr but after 5 days I put her on to the bottle and she goes from 3.5hr to 6hr depending on how much she took in her last feed. Genrally she seams to go 3hrs to 3oz, 4hrs to 4oz and 6-7hrs to 5oz. x

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