How much solid food should my daughter be eating?

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I have been giving my 6 month old solid food since she was a little over 5 months old. She has had all the stage 1 vegetables and is starting fruit. She was also having rice, oatmeal, and barley cereals. She has 4 bottles a day, but I am not really how much of the solid food she should eat each day. Right now her schedule is:

7 am-bottle (8 oz)
7:30/8 am-breakfast , baby cereal
9-11 am-nap
11 am-bottle (8 oz)
12-lunch, 1 jar stage 1 vegetable or fruit
1-3 pm-nap
3 pm-bottle (8 oz, but often only takes 5 or 6)
5 pm-catnap for half an hour ish
5:30/6 pm-dinner 2 jars stage 1 vegetable or fruit
7 pm-bottle (8 oz)

I know the bottles are the most important, but I just wasn't sure how much food she should or could have as she does seem to really enjoy it.

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wow.. our routines are identical apart from i give my daughter her solid dinner at 4pm.. not 5:30/6pm.. how strange.. im not sure on quantities myself.. my daughter has the heinz breakfasts.. about 2 tablespoons of the powder.. and for lunch and dinner has homemade food.. she has 1 annael karmel cube at lunch and again 1 cube at dinner.. she has started to show sighn of being hungry after lunch so may add a cube.. sorry i cant be of much help.. would love to hear other peoples ideas too xx

Karin - posted on 03/03/2009




From what I understand feed her as much as she'll eat. If she's full, she'll turn her head or refuse to open her mouth (don't force).

My son is 9 months old and eats 5 TBSP baby cereal for breakfast w/some juice and some Mum-Mum rice rusks or 1/2 slice whole wheat toast

Lunch usually half jar of veg/meat combo and half jar of fruit w/water in his sippy cup

Dinner 5 TBSP baby cereal with half jar of meat/veg combo and half jar of fruit w/ water in his sippy cup

Breast milk usually before meals (and bedtime) and rice rusks as snacks

Looks like your baby is eating well :)

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