How often are babies supposed to get upper respiratory infections?

Heather - posted on 04/04/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




So My child is 5 months old and was born at the begining of november, we live in nebraska, and i was wondering if anyone knew how often infants generally get sick. My daughter it seems has been sick every other week since birth and i am concerned. She has been on different antibiotics 3 times now and it just seems a little excessive. the doctor said it was fine but i have heard stories that scare me into thinking it isn't ok. I am doing everything i can as a mom to try and keep her healthy but it never seems to work. And of course every time she gets sick i get sick 2 days later. If anyone can shed any light on the situation i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


Emily - posted on 04/04/2011




Some babies seem to get sick all the time... others, never. Breastfeeding can greatly reduce illnesses (statistically), and I'm pretty sure kids in day care also seem to get sick more (at least in the beginning). Other than those factors, I think it's pretty much luck of the draw.

Catherine - posted on 04/04/2011




I'm sorry your daughter has been so sick. My son was like that last summer, from about 7-11 months old. He was sick constantly. He needed antibiotics 3 times, and I never thought it would end. I also expressed concern to the doctor, and he assured me it was fine. In the end, he was right. Since then, my son hasn't been sick to speak of (just a runny nose for a few days), and it's been 7 months. They say infants get 10-12 colds a year, so about once a month, but maybe like my son, your daughter is just getting them close together. Obviously you should keep an eye on it in case it's something bigger, but it may just be a string of really bad luck.

Elfrieda - posted on 04/04/2011




That seems like a lot of sickness for your little girl. :( I think antibiotics kill the good stuff as well as the bad, so you need to somehow get more good bacteria in her again. Is she breastfed, or could you get her some breastmilk from somewhere? I stopped nursing at 7 months, and right away I noticed a huge difference in my son's health. He started catching colds left and right. It was really sad.

When my son had antibiotics for an ear infection, he got better and then two weeks later came down with something again. I got him some vitamins and fed him tons of yogurt, in the hopes of building his immune system again. But he's older, 15 months. 5 months is really young for yogurt. Go talk to your natural health food store people. They'll have lots of suggestions. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Also, it's good for babies' lungs to be outside, so I'd suggest lots of walks in the stroller.

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Heather - posted on 04/06/2011




thank you for all the feedback ladies. yeah i havent breastfed since she was three weeks old when i went back to work and just dried up and it does seem like that was part of the problem. hopefully she get's better soon. i definatly am hopeing she was just born in the wrong time of year, weather wise for her health, thank you again.

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