I am currently breast feeding and noticed a hard lump today.

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I noticed a hard lump on my breast today. Has anyone had this issue and what is it?


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is it very tender? Are your ducts flowing smoothly? When I was b/fing I ended up with mastitis.. an infection of the milk glands and it was very painful. I needed to go get some anti biotics and to drain the infected breast as often as I could. I found this also had a rather hard lump in the breast almost the size of a large golf ball of small base ball... I would go and see the dr and get it looked at huni, you may have mastitis and it will be extrememly painful if you dont get it looked at right away. Good on you for breast feeding! Im really glad bout that!!

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Is it hard, tender, maybe even a little red? Do you have any type of fever? Is there any red lines or anything? The reason that I ask is just like the other ladies said, it may be mastitis. Don't wait too long on this. Go see your OB or family DR. In the beginning they will give you antibiotics. Tell you to take as hot of showers you can and let water run on it, massage it in circular motion starting from the base of your breast to your nipple, try different positions that you are breastfeeding your child. Make sure you are draining the breast completely, use warm compresses either with heating pad or hot towel. I ended up with clogged duct to mastitis to abscess all within the time span of 1.5 months. I had to have it aspirated and then when that didn't work, I had to have an incision and drainage where they cut it about an inch to relieve the duct and then I had let it heal on it's own while it was open for about 2 weeks. My OB said that this one lady let it go on and now she had to have plastic surgery because her breast is misshaped. I HOPE THIS ISN'T WHERE YOU'RE GOING THOUGH. Have it checked out and this is WORST case scenario.

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It could be that you are engourged. It happened to me and the milk actually moved under my arm pit it had hurt so bad. I tried heat like everyone suggested, but it didn't work. So I tried an ice pack and that worked so much better. I hope that helped

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I had the same thing happen to me when I was breastfeeding. It sounds like you have a clogged milk duct. When you're feeding your baby try massaging the lump downwards to try and get any excess milk out the lump. Also if you own a breast pump try pumping after you breastfeed to see if any extra milk comes out. I also bought these hot and cold packs that were used specifically for breastfeeding issues such as a clogged milk duct. You could probably find them at a Babies R Us store or maybe even Wal-Mart. I hope this helps :)

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I suffered with flu-like symptoms, hard lumps and pain for two weeks while I was weaning my baby. I thought that it was just part of the process. Then, on day 19 I called my doctor and he put me in an antibiotic. Almost immediately, the lumps disappeared and the pain vanished. If you suspect and infection - call your doctor. It is not worth it to suffer! I had read all the message boards about hard lumps at the bottom of breasts, which is what I suffered. If you have any hard lumps for a period of time – I say get on an antibiotic.

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I would definitely explore the possibility that its a clogged duct. No worries, there are a ton of remedies...massage, warm compresses worked/works to clear mine. If its warm and red, painful treat it the same but at least call your doctor. Mastitis I heard is so painful you can't even touch it. I have a standing Rx for antibiotics if mine ever get terrible. My daughter is 2 months old but has been in the hospital a total of 3 weeks...before/during/after our stay her appetite has changed and it wrecks havoc on my breasts. Good luck!

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I used to get that when my breasts got really engorged with milk. Warm compresses helped as well as changing the position I fed him every once in a while helped drain all my milk ducts. And trying to fully drain each breast before I switched helped too. Good luck!

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It could be a plugged milk duct/gland.. I had a couple and my doctor told me to try using a hot towel on my/your breast or taking hot showers(as hot as you can stand..) But definitely go see a doctor and get it checked out..

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