I think my 4 month old is slow on her milestones

Ashley - posted on 01/26/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




Ok so.....i had one of my friends over the other day and i guess you could call it my daugher peytons first playdate, lol. And my friends son is one week behind peyton. He seems to know so much more than she does...he laughs plays with his feet and is holding stuff pretty well, where as peyton hasnt laughed yet...recognizes her feet but doesnt grab at them and she isnt really holding onto things that well...is there something wrong?


Stephanie - posted on 01/27/2010




All i can say is DONT WORRY! ur baby will reach her milestones with time, every baby is different. I used to stress myself out to the point that i wouldnt sleep at night worrying if my daughter was normal for her age, & worrying that she wasnt making her milestones. In fact at 8 months her health check showed that she was at 12 months for all abilities. She is now nearly 16 months & a walking talking monster. Honestly u will find ur baby will suddenly do things over night! Just enjoy being a mommy, cus u wont get that time back!

Heather - posted on 01/28/2010




I think they smile by 8 weeks but not laugh? My 4 month olds smile all the time but have only had full on giggles a couple times.

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Terra - posted on 01/28/2010




Looking at everyones responses I completely agree with all of them. I wouldn't worry too much about it because all kids do learn things at different ages. The only thing is what renae said about the laughing thing. However, that doesn't necessarly mean that anything is wrong. If you are worried I would talk to my pediatrician.

Ashley - posted on 01/28/2010




Never compare your baby to anyone else's hun, your daughter is 100% normal. They all reach milestones differently. If you're realllly worried, talk to your doctor, he or she can put your mind at rest :)

Crystal - posted on 01/26/2010




absolutely not! Every baby reaches milestones at different times. Just talk with your doctor at her well baby visits, and if they aren't worried, you shouldn't either.

My friend has a son who is 4 days older than mine. My son got very physically advanced at a very early age (so much so that my doctor asked us to lie to people when they asked how old he was, so that other mothers in his practice wouldn't be calling and asking why their baby wasn't crawling yet). The doctor was right. My friend was very worried that he son was progressing slow. But her boy started talking first! I think our kids were just concentrating on different skills at different times.

Sarah - posted on 01/26/2010




definately not at this age, if she isnt progressing by 6 months, then talk to you doctor. dont worry mommy....easy to say, hard to do lol. I think we all worry!

Renae - posted on 01/26/2010




Chances are nothing is wrong. Your friends baby sounds like he is a little ahead for his age. Most babies have some areas that they do perfectly on time, some where they are ahead and some where they are behind.

Of the milestones you mentioned, the only one that surprises me is that she hasn't laughed, on average that happens at about 8 weeks. Does she respond to you in other ways like smile or make little noises? If she is responding to you then I wouldn't worry.

Playing with feet comes around 5-6 months and holding things also at about 6 months. They swipe at things and try to grab them but usually miss starting from about 3-4 months.

Gemma - posted on 01/26/2010




hi hun i wouldnt worry i have 2 kids both differant my 2 yr old girl was so lazy she didnt even walk till she was 14months but my 17week old don is trying to roll over sit up and everything i think it could just be a girl thing dont worry she will do it all very soon x

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I have two girls one is five now and my youngest one year.My first child was a flyer she sat up by 4mths& walked around furniture from 7&half mths.she was walking from 10 mths.

My second who is one wasn't sitting up sturdy till after 6mths and thats it she isn't walking yet but standing up now trying to walk.she has a few words little to what her big sister had at this age but shes different and hit her milestones at her own pace and i enjoyed every moment as there two very different little girls..

what i am trying to say is there all so different and don't worry just enjoy what the have achieved and luck forward to them trying to achieve the next milestone in there own time.PLESE don't compare your little one to another baby thats not fair it can be worrying i understand but your Baby is there own unique self and will grow and hit milestones in there own time and pace.good luck.

Rechelle - posted on 01/26/2010




Nothing is wrong. Every child learns at their own pace. She will learn it when she is ready to just play with her and love her that is the best that you can do for her

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