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Cheryl - posted on 08/26/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




hello =]

my 6 week old daughter has had really bad wind and constipation for weeks now. we changed her milk to the special comfort one for colic n constipation. she has lactulose prescribed from doctor aswell as use gripe water and infacol from shops. we get woken up by her straining so loud for ages; it eventually comes out but its pretty watery so doesnt look itshould cause her any pain etc. we also try the cool boiled water, orange juice n sugar. nothing seems too b relieving it. anyone had nething this bad b4? .. i would be really grateful for advice.



Renae - posted on 08/26/2010




Your baby's digestive system is probably underdeveloped. There is no quick or easy solution, she just has to grow out of it. It usually gets much better around 12-14 weeks but can continue until after 6 months old. You are already doing everything you can. If there is froth in the watery poo that is a sign of lactose intolerance. I have never heard of orange juice and sugar. Orange juice is far too acidic for an underdeveloped digestive system and processed sugar is difficult to digest so that remedy makes absolutely no sense to me, I wouldn't give it to her. Hang in there, she will grow out of it. :)

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Raquel - posted on 08/27/2010




I take it youre not breastfeeding? If you are, try to b/feed as much as possible, my son had bad gas and tummy problems as well, and the formula for fussiness and gas helped a lot, when he was about a10dys old, breastfeeding alone was clearly not enough for him and i started formula and breastfeeding him together, when the gas and pains became really bad, I tried to cut down on the formula , eventually he outgrew it, as someone suggested their digestive system matured some more.

Joseline - posted on 08/27/2010




Try bicycles! Grab your baby's legs&do bicycles with them, it helps pass whatever needs to come through. My daughter was pooping without as much straining in about a week, although every baby is different. Good luck! :)

Janelle - posted on 08/26/2010




Make sure you burp her really well after a feeding. I try to get at least two burps out of my baby. And try to keep her upright for a half hour after a feeding so she can better digest her milk. Also when you are feeding her make sure the formula is completely surrounding rim of the nipple inside the bottle. That way she doesn't swallow as much air. It's most likely that her digestive system might be a little underdeveloped. BTW... what brand formula are you feeding her? I first tried Similac and that stuff is HORRIBLE. Gerber Good Start Protection Plus or Enfamil Gentalease seem to be nice and easy. But every baby is different. If you're really concerned, ask your doctor or advice nurse. Best of luck to you and your little one!

Ava - posted on 08/26/2010




My daughter had a huge problem like this when she was really young. I actually had to resort to using a q-tip dipped in Vaseline eventually after using everything you listed and it still not working, suggested by an older mother that used to watch my daughter; she did it to her kids twenty years ago and tried it on mine while babysitting her, and said it was the only thing that was getting her to pass that gas. I just inserted it into her bottom and rubbed along the sides just a little bit (and only put the cotton part in) which caused her colon to sort of lurch and 'need' to go, and she'd expel what she needed to (which was sometimes hard stool that never would have come out on its own, or too much/too big of a concentration to have come out on its own, or sometimes it was just a *lot* even if watery. She would give me this look like 'whew. Thanks mom' and pass out for the night because she finally felt relief. I also did this because she had extreme gas problems and would let out what sounded like a belly full of gas if she didn't pass anything else when I'd do it and again would look entirely relieved and able to function normally. Gripe water, gas drops, and that sort of crap just never worked for her.

Sarh - posted on 08/26/2010




Be sure NOT to rub her tummy in a COUNTER-clockwise direction. I know that can push the poop back up. Rubbing babies tummy or back in a clockwise direction can help w/gas and constipation.

Kasey - posted on 08/26/2010




when my daughter use to get really gassy and constipated my husband and i would lay her down in front of us and push her knees to her chest and then keep repeating that. for us it helped her move her gas and poop along. also she liked to poop when we would prop her up and sit her on our laps. i have heard that some chamomile tea also helps with gas.

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