my 4 month old has a cold - should i be worried ?


Justine - posted on 05/11/2009




I use infants tylenol to help my 7 month old feel better when he's sick....Just make sure that you get the right dosage for the right kind. like liquid and concentrated have two different ammounts you should give them. ask you doctor for the best reccomended dosage.

*also infants tylenol helps for shots if you give it to them 30-60minutes before they get the shot(s)*

Tara - posted on 05/07/2009




Just as the other mom's have said! My son actually just got his first bout of sickness almost 2 weeks ago and it started off as a head cold and then he got a bad cough and started wheezing so I took him to the doctors and he has bronchiolitis (bronchitus in babies) and had to take some meds. However through it all he was eating well, sleeping almost well and still managed to give smiles and play. The doctor said if any of those things change, especially the feeding, then to go back. He is still recovering but still so happy go lucky!

If at all worried just bring your baby in to the doctor!

Samantha - posted on 05/06/2009




You shouldn't have to worry...My daughter's pediatrician said babies get on average 20-30 colds per winter/early spring. One thing you should keep watch for is if she has a major change in behavior. If she cries a lot more, just take her to the doctor, b/c at least w/ my daughter, usually colds influence ear infections. Good luck, and I hope she feels better soon

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Angela - posted on 05/06/2009




nothing to worry about...babies are meant to get sick with a cold to help improve their immune what Heather and Samantha said, it is very common for them to have many colds during their first year. Just keep up their fluids and make sure he has plenty of wet nappies. If by any chance his behaviour has changed (always crying, vommiting, diarrhoea etc) then i'd get him checked out by a doctor. Other then that, baby panadol and lots of love, hugs and kisses will do the trick :)

Heather - posted on 05/06/2009




Your baby will get many colds in her early life. I think i read that in order for our babies to have an immunity to all colds they would have to have a total of 200 colds. I recommend Johnson's Vapor bath and baby vicks rub. You're not suppose to use the baby vicks rub if they're under 3 months old but i have been told that if they're under 3 months old you can mix it with some petroleum jelly and that will weaken it. The best thing to do is give them a bath in the vapor bath before they go to bed and put the vicks on their chest and if they're stuffy use the little noses saline mist. This worked great for me!

Shona - posted on 05/06/2009




my lil girl is 6mths n has had a cold more or less since she was born. as long as it not causin any difficulty in his feedin then dnt worry hun, by the way he is gorgeous. shona.x

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