my 6 week old daughter wont sleep

Kristy - posted on 02/06/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my 6 week old daughter will only sleep in her car seat or in my arms...most days she goes at least 11 hours with out a sleep. its very tiring for me. i find it nearly impossible to get my house clean and still get enough sleep for me be able to function

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Heather - posted on 02/07/2009




I would try the swaddling too. That worked for my daughter and we had a womb cd playing in the background which helped too. I know that some hospitals tell you not to swaddle, but I think that you have to make your own choice. In my area the hospital I gave birth in told me not to swaddle, but she was transferred to a children’s hospital where they would not let me bring her home until I knew how to swaddle her to sleep.

She will out grow this and you will get more sleep.

Alison - posted on 02/07/2009




I got a sling. it takes practice, but it has calmed my daughter immeasurably. She sleeps in it while i have both hands free. look at ring slings on you tube for video demonstrations.

his is my third child and i only wish id had a sling the first time around.

Amy - posted on 02/07/2009




You could try swaddling her. My daughter started doing that same thing around that age. I can't swaddle with blankets at all but they make sleep swaddle sacks (I bought mine at BabiesRUs) that work great!! Once I started swaddling I actually got some sleep and squeezed some housecleaning in. :-) Good luck!
Btw, your daughter is gorgeous!!!! :-) She looks so peaceful in your profile pic!

Tracey - posted on 02/06/2009




hi honey bring her car seat inside and sit her in it , she might cry, let her try to settle herself before you rush to pick her up , not to long try to say hello as you pass her when your cleaning let her watch you clean try a bouncer and even you could try to move her to her grib once she is asleep , with my children i put them in the crib when the were restless and let them cry themselves to sleep a few times this seamed to work and they soon settled themselves.

good luck


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