my baby refuses to sleep in her cradle!

Ashley - posted on 12/03/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




my daughter will be 2 months on december 12 and she has just recently started to refuse sleeping in her cradle. i don't know what to do! i let her sleep in the bed now just so she will sleep, but i don't get any sleep by doing that because i have to watch her all night. should i just put her in her cradle and let her cry herself to sleep? i feel horrible about doing that because it seems like she's to young. i just don't know what to do.

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Tine - posted on 01/12/2011




No no no, PLEASE don't let her 'cry it out'! There's so much research to back up how harmful this is to babies, and obviously like any connected mum you have instincts that tell you it's wrong too! Babies treated like this do NOT learn to 'self soothe', they just literally give up on help ever coming to them.

There's a great book called 'The Science of Parenting' by Margot Sunderland that goes into the science of why it is so harmful not to respond to babies, and its a great, easy read.

Consider continuing to sleep with your daughter - there really is no reason at all why you should watch her all night, if you set it up safely she will be safer sleeping right there with you than on her own in a cot. Just google 'safe co-sleeping', or read anything by James McKenna or Dr Sears. They also give great explanations on why co-sleeping is so useful and safe for many parents and babies, and offer options that might suit you.

There are many gentle ways of helping your daughter to sleep if you don't want to actually bedshare. Try attaching a cot securely to one side of your bed (next to you) with the side down, (a 'side car' arrangement) so that your daughter can still sleep with you but have her own safe space.

There are great books out there, like 'The No-Cry Sleep Solution' by E Pantley, which offer kind sleep solutions for babies and toddlers.

Best wishes! :-)

Nazrin - posted on 12/07/2009




My daughter was the same way. I had quite a large pram so she slept in that for a while. Then when she had established sleeping times, I started putting her back in the cradle for her day sleeps, then the pram for her night sleeps for a week or so. Then she went back into the cradle the whole time. I did the same phasing in technique when I moved her to her cot.

Kerri-Ann - posted on 12/04/2009




My son gave me a hard time too. I have a rocking chair in our son's room and what I did was just keep trying. Sometime it still takes 2 or 3 trys to get him to go down and stay down. My doctor also told me to try putting a heating pad in the bed about 15 minutes before you put the baby down and then when you put her in the crib take the heating pad out and put her in. This heats up the mattress and tricks them a little, they aren't having the shock of the cold mattress and they think they are still being held.

Mhairi - posted on 12/04/2009




Try putting a piece off clothing (your top or shirt) you have had on all day rolled up in her cradle then she will be able to smell you and make her feel more comforted. hope this helps you.

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