My Baby Sweats Alot! Is this bad?

Mary Renee - posted on 01/15/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )





My 8-month-old daughter gets really hot and sweats whenever she sleeps or nurses. I mean, she'll breastfeed and her hair will actually be wet to the touch. At night time, when she rolls to the other side, there is a big wet circle on the sheet where her head was sweating.

We live in Hawaii, so it is on the warm side of things, but it's not like a sauna! I'm originally from Washington DC and the summers there are WAY more humid and hot than Hawaii weather. I mean, it's currently the rainy season so it's usually between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm not usually sweating and I'll be wearing more clothes than her, pants and a tank top, while she pretty much ONLY wears a onesie at all times because this sweating has me worried she's too hot. No socks or anything either, unless we're going to the park and she's going to be getting out of the stroller and cruising around.

We used to have a window air-conditioner in the bedroom and when I put her to sleep at night I would have a routine and put her in actual footie pajamas. She never sweat when the air conditioner was on, even though her PJs were long sleeves. We had to remove the air conditioner due to construction they're doing on our apartment and now even if she's just in a onesie she sweats through the sheets.

I'm trying to tell myself there are plenty of babies all over the world in Africa and India and South America and other places close to the equator that don't always have the luxury of air conditioning and I'm sure they're just fine. Is it ok that she sweats so much? Is she too hot? What are the risk of her overheating? How can being hot when you sleep affect her heaIth? It seems to only be when she's nursing and sleeping (not constantly, like a fever). Should I let her sleep in just a diaper? I don't want her to get in a habit (or get chilled when the temperature drops at nighttime) Anyone else have a baby in a warm climate? Suggestions?


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Aislinn - posted on 01/16/2011




You're not the only one with a sweaty baby. There have been several times that my boy's hair was wet after nursing from where it had been resting on my arm. We both put out a lot of heat (I know because my husband complains about how hot we are all the time XD).

Over heating is definitely a legitimate concern. If she starts feeling cold/clammy to the touch, then she's too hot. Feel her chest/stomach to check her body temp. And, if you're really concerned, check with your pedi.

Leslie Anne - posted on 01/15/2011




My daughter definitely sweat a lot when she was nursing in the summer, especially when she was naked because her whole body would be touching my skin. I think it is normal, just make sure you switch boobs when you feed her so she stays hydrated. Obviously "mommy intuition" is best so if you feel like something is wrong do some more research or ask a professional for advice.

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