My daughter is 10 months and doesnt like getting her hair washed and always wants to stand up in the tub. Is that normal? How do I help her not to be afraid of getting her hair washed?

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April - posted on 04/03/2009




i always when first born till about a year would take a shower with them about once a week and sing the song "singing in the rain" and when i say "were singing and dancing in the rain" id dunk their head under the water. the singing calmed them and they never had problems later. also the pool helps too. you in there with them in either place gives them security that mommy can get wet too

Antonia - posted on 04/03/2009




my son is 1 and started to hate having his hair wet- i lean him back and wet and rinse his hair. he also stands up all of the time and at fist i would always tell him to sit down, or sit him down myself and then i got some non-slip bath thingys. now i have given up, he stands up and now ignores me when i tell him to sit so i tell him that he might slip and bump his head (which he doesn't understand of course). anyway, he has slipped several times, a couple of times he's breathed in a bit of water, but eventually (i hope) he'll get that standing in the bath= a very sore head and a scary experience

Emily - posted on 04/02/2009




I think most babies are like that! Standing in the tub is absolutely age-appropriate exploration. I would just keep my hands poised around her in case she slips. Her hair is probably fine enought to wash with a washcloth for a little while. It has to be scary for a little baby to have a cascade of water poured over her head when she can't possibly fathom the reason why.

Michelle - posted on 04/02/2009




All 3 of my girls went through this I found that using a sponge or jug and protecting the front of their head with ur hand help, also telling them to look up at the stars another thing that helped especially with my youngest 2 was the shower I used to go in the shower with them now my 2yr old wont let any1 go in with her she loves it. good luck

Laura - posted on 04/02/2009




I had that problem with my daughter. She is really into Disney Princess so we got her the Disney Princess dinner time set and I used the cup from that and she loves it. Her favorite happens to be Ariel and she's on the cup and told her that when she gets her hair washed like a big girl Ariel does too. And we also got her her own shower head. There's a shower head just for kids thats in the shape of a dolphin we found it at Lowes for 15 bucks and she loves both. I use the cup and the shower head that way she feels like she's more in control and she loves it. And sometimes if you take a shower or a bath with her that will help too. Hope this helps.

Cynthia - posted on 04/01/2009




The swimming thing is definietly the key to her comfort. I remember my son standing up in the tub, and yes it is a safety thing for kids. Just keep telling her it is not safe to stand, sit down. You'll say it a million times but it eventually sinks in.

I had a big enough tub in our house i could get in the tub with my son and that brought up his feeling of safety in the tub tenfold. If you can go swimming at the local pool with your daughter she might get that little bit more confident, otherwise you could always invest in a handheld shower attachment for your tub. My first loves it. HOwever be warned you WILL get wet with them holding onto it and yes they will want to hold it for sure :-) Good luck.

[deleted account]

Hi Jennifer,My daughter has just turned 3 and she has hated her hair washed since she was about 10-12mths even though she sees her eldest sister in the bath with no fear,standing up in the bath is a natural instinct for them to do as they feel more incontrole if they are standing than sitting,in march of this year i started taking my daughter to swimming lessons,within 3 weeks she and her sister was washing each others hair and even splashing water in each others faces with no tears,she also loves know being dunked in the water at the pool,hear in Australia they incourage swimming from 6mths,i'm not sure where you are but swimming gives them more confident,but as fare as their fears are concerned you will find you'r child will go through different fears in the bath,we are know at the stage of fear going down the plug if my daughter is in the bath,another thing you can do if you are not able to swim is place some stickers that you can peel off on the ceiling and get the child to look at them while you wash the hair talking continuasly about what you both can see,distraction is great,good luck and i hope that some of this helps.

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