My son has his days and nights mixed up..

Lindsey - posted on 09/14/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son will sleep 90% of the day and then wants to stay up most of the night. I've tried keeping him awake during the day but it just doesn't work. I know it's not abnormal for them to sleep a lot but it'd be nice if we could get him to sleep more at night..any advice??

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Marisol - posted on 09/16/2010




my son was the same way i tried the smae thing as you until he got used to it at night i would just keep rocking him and swaddle him which would help him alot

Kate - posted on 09/16/2010




I found keeping the lights on and the curtains open during the day helped then making it quite dark when you want it to be bed time. I did this for my son and it worked after a little bit. I find it adjusts itself after a little while. Good luck!

Crystal - posted on 09/14/2010




Make sure that night is extremely different then day. For example if you are turning on lights, try using a nightlight instead so that it is dark for him. Be strictly business, no talking (aside from humming or lullabies), rocking, diaper changes, feeding and thats it.
Daytime make sure to open all the shades and make it obvious that its daytime.
Sure its obvious for us but not to them, LOL

Jennifer - posted on 09/14/2010




you want to keep him up more during the day, but not so much that it makes him overtired. an overtired baby will not sleep at night.

it definitely takes time, which i know is not what you want to hear. do your best to nap when he naps during the day. it takes time for babies to fall into that natural rhythm. when he's napping during the day, make sure you are letting plenty of natural light into his sleep area...this will help his body get the hint.

Frances - posted on 09/14/2010




I know that is really rough. My first child was like that for seven weeks. A friend suggested wiping her face with a cold, wet washcloth to wake her up.

Jennifer - posted on 09/14/2010




um my son was like that to!! try and play with him in the day!! that helped me out alot!!! give him warm bottle at night. he will soon learn that play time in the day and night time is for sleeping!!! you and him will get the hang of it!!!

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