My son wont sleep at night... any suggestions??

Nicole - posted on 09/21/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




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About Nicole
Location: Hamilton, On

Relationship Status: in a relationship

Interests: soccer, playing and coaching my kids

Birthday: September 23, 1973

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By Iris Ahern
Hi Nicole,

Just wanted to welcome you to kids aged over 10yrs old.... Look forward to seeing you around.

September 14, 11:15 am
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By You
I have been having difficulties with putting my 5mth old to bed and him sleeping all night. When he was 3mth i had him on a schedule where he would heave his last feed around 930-10pm and would sleep all night and wake till 6am. Then one weekend i had to take my oldest daughter to the states for a soccer tourny and my bf had to stay home with my son since his birth certificate bever came in on time. Ever since then he wont sleep at night or hardly nap.
I asked the dr on how i can fix this and get him back on a schedule. She told me to read this book called Solve your child's sleep problems by richard ferber. I read the book and tried it out. it was hard to hear him cry but it seemed to work the first few days. But now a few wks later he is back to not sleeping at night in his crib and not napping durning the day. i have no problem with him not napping but i do with him not sleeping in his crib. the only way he will sleep in in my arms or in bed with us. this is what i dont want. i dont want him in our bed, i dont want him waking up in the middle of the night. i know he isnt hungry he wants to be picked up and be with us.

please i need serious help in figuring out how to put him back on a schedule. he has a full bottle before bed and even has cereal with it as well. he is teething and i do give him meds from the goodness me store but he doesnt teeth must durning the night.
I dont want him crying at night it doesnt work. i have been doing it for weeks now. i need something... please if anyone can give me something to try.

my girls were sooo easy when they were babies,sleeping all night at 3weeks.


Laura - posted on 09/27/2010




boys are very stubborn! i have one who still doesnt sleep through the night and he is about to turn 11 months on the 30th. Just last night we're trying the cry it out thing and it seems to be working already, but he is older than your son.

my friend told me about another book called The Sleep Solution that and take the test about your son and she will email you what she thinks.

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