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Melissa - posted on 10/29/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello! My son is now six weeks old and within the past few days I have been getting heart palpitations. I believe I had them with my first son as well but when I went for my check-up there was nothing unusual. Has anyone else every experienced this after having a baby? And did it go away on it's own. I just stopped caffeine to see if that would help but don't have any other ideas! Thank you!

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Kim - posted on 10/31/2008




i had this after haveing all 3 of my children i went to my dr and he told me some woman have it its because were ur heart has been workin harder for both you and the baby with some woman it takes a little bit of time for there heart to relize it dosent have to do it any more so he told me it was just my heart goin bk to normal hope this helps

Nicole - posted on 10/29/2008




Are you feeling weepy or anxious? When my husband leaves for work, I feel very nauseated. And I worry about the day ahead of me. Anyway, it could be some part of post partum depression. I was just diagnosed with that, and they did ask me about heart palpitations, though I haven't had any of that. My PPD is more anxiety than depression, but its still the same thing. Just a thought... Good luck! I have a 6 week old baby too...

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