screaming all night after vaccines

Sara - posted on 04/27/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My four month old has had two round of vaccines and seems to have a behavioral change that evening that concerns me. He is not a fussy baby ever. But.... both at 2 months and 4 months old (about 3 hours after he receives his shots) he wakes up screaming and can not be consoled. Almost a moaning, pain filled cry. No fever, no redness at injection site or reaction to pressure at the site. He seems like he may have a headache or tummy ache. It seems extreme to me. Has anyone ever noticed violent screaming from their baby later in the evening that seems way out of character? What are normal reactions? Any vaccines I could delay for a while?

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Virginia - posted on 04/27/2010




It is upsetting for babies to get vaccines and it takes them a little bit to really calm down after. My son is very cranky that night and most of the next day, which is very unlike him, when he gets his shots.. He has no fever, soreness, etc - he's just out of sorts. The problem resolves itself very quickly and he is just fine. If you are concerned, talk to your pediatrician, but don't delay vaccines. He sounds like he is fine and skipping the shots is a bit drastic.

Keelin - posted on 04/27/2010




My little girl had that kind of reaction. She just wouldn't stop crying. It's rare, but it can happen. So, the doc said give her a dose of Infants Tylenol. It did the trick!! hope this helps.

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