sleep. or more so, lack of sleep.

Tuia - posted on 04/19/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is a couple of days off being 19 months, and he still wakes up three or four times a night...
When he was a newborn, up until he hit 4 months old, he used to only wake up maybe twice a night.
He eats lots during the day, only has a two hour sleep throughout the day and has one bottle before bed. Yet, he still wakes up every night, three to four times a night. And then he'll wake up tired and grumpy but refuses to go back to sleep.
HELP!? :) any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

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Nikki - posted on 04/20/2011




Have you ruled out allergies and food intolerances? My daughter was the same until I switched her to a dairy and sugar free diet. She would wake up all the time, she was restless and grumpy, the dairy was causing her to have an upset tummy. So I switched her to goat's milk and she sleeps through for 12-13 hours now.

I took her to a naturopath, he was the one that suggested the diet changes, he also have her some herbal drops to calm her stomach and advised me to take her to the chiro for an adjustment. So thankful I saw that naturopath!! Life is so much better with a full nights sleep! Good luck

Carly - posted on 04/19/2011




I had the same problem with my son... I had to do controlled crying in the end which in the middle of the night believe me is sooooooo hard... Because it feels like ALL sounds are enhanced :o)

I went in after 2 minutes settled him down gave him a cuddle and walked back out.
Went back in at 4 minutes no words, dont look directly at him pat on the back and walk back out... Do this for 6 mins, 8 mins, and then 10 once you get to 10 keep at the 10 min mark. I have only gotten to 10 once.

I think you also have to prepare yourself for it, I generally do controlled crying on the weekend if Curtis has been playing up lately because then my hubby doesnt have to get up for work the next day. And occasionally I do have to do this method with Curtis every 4-6 months I would say - most recently 2 weeks ago by Sunday night he was sleeping through and I havent had to get up since and he has been sleeping to 7.30 ish which is wonderful.

Of course this is just some advice and if it works wonderful and if not, I dont have any other suggestions.

Good luck and hopefully you get some well need sleep soon...

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