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ok i have this infant vibrating noise making chair that my little guy LOVES. he will sleep in it day and night if he could. as soon as i move him to his bassinet he wakes up and starts crying profusely till i go and get him. If i put him back in the chair he stops and will go back to sleep. during the night when its time for me and my husband to go to bed i will try and put him down in his bassinet but he always wakes up and cries till i get him so i let him sleep in his chair even at night is this OK to do? or should i just let him cry till he falls asleep in his bassinet? when he sits in the chair hes not laying flat on his back like he would be if he was in his bassinet so this is why i am asking this question because i don't know if its good for him to ALWAYS be in this chair.

please help!

thank you :)

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Sarh - posted on 12/18/2010




My son slept in his bouncy seat (exactly what you described) and/or swing for the first 2-3 months. Does your son have reflux? Even if he is not spitting up doesn't mean that he doesn't have reflux, there is silent reflux where baby just swallows the spit up. I'd talk to his doctor. He shouldn't always be in the seat as you should be doing tummy time with him and during the day lay him on a Boppy pillow, this will keep him slightly elevated like in the bouncer. If he sits in the bouncer all the time his head may become misshaped.
Your not supposed to do this, but when I transitioned my son to his crib from the bouncer and swing I laid him in his Boppy pillow. You can also elevate one side of the crib mattress so baby will be at an incline. Just roll up a towel and put it under the head of the mattress.

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the bassinet that we have for my son has a little sound maker on the side of it (its removable, i think most bassinets have them) that has a light as well as a vibration setting. maybe you could look into getting one of those and it might work kinda the same as the chair? it has a timer on it i think it stays on for about 5 mins and then automatically shuts off so you dont have to worry about the batteries dying right away. hth if not good luck!

Liz - posted on 12/18/2010




Oh its difficult isnt it - I also have one of those chairs and my baby is the same. It took us a while to get him to be happy in his moses basket at night! I'm not one to say you MUST do one thing or another by the way because being a mum is tough enough without everyone knowing better, but my personal opinion is that its probably not a good idea to let him sleep in the chair all night - mainly because of the advice given in the "back to sleep" campaign
We had a few sleepless nights getting our little one used to his basket, I used to let him fall asleep on me then put him down, but often he would awaken within the hour wanting to be picked up. I made sure that the chair was only used in our living room and used the advice given about getting them used to the difference between day and night - when he was in his chair, whether awake or asleep, there was always plenty of noise going on, the tv or people talking and the room is always kept nice and bright. In comparison we keep the bedroom dark and didnt interact with him when he woke wanting out of his basket except for a quick cuddle and a change/feed if required. After about a week he started settling into his basket at night - he won't go down in it for daytime naps though, but thats ok I think! Sorry I can't be more help.

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