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Natasha - posted on 01/21/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 3 month old has been really stuffy lately due to the dry weather. I got a humidifier but it doesn't seem to be helping and the "booger bulb" doesn't work either. I've been putting a few drops of breast milk up her nostrils when it gets really bad but it only helps for a little while. Any suggestions?

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Stacy - posted on 01/21/2010




Do you have a warm air or cool air humidifier? Every doctor we had seen told us to us the cool air but we didn't own one so we just used the warm air we had and it works great! Sometimes we mix liquid vicks into the water to help out also but I don't know how young is to young to start that. Hope this helps!

Jess - posted on 01/21/2010




When my daughters nose gets blocked I use a product called "little noses" Its just a saline solution that you spray up their nose (its designed for babies) and it comes with an aspirator so you can suck out any nasties ! It works really well for my daughter and the relief lasted about 24 hours ! Not sure if its available in all countries, im in Australia but im sure a pharmcy/drug store would have an equivalant. My doctor suggested it to me when my daughter had a cold during our winter.

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