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does anyone have any ideas to help comfort my son during teething. he's almost 7th months old. we didnt have any trouble with his bottom two, but its been hetic with the top

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There is also infant oral gel and my daughter like cold hard things to chew on... usually was my phone. I was also told really hard beef jerkey will help pop the teeth through too. I haven't tryed it yet though.

I did the waffles too but she would tear them apart and try to eat them. Ended up being a gagging thing. But it worked when my sister was little I don't remember her gagging on them.

Brenna - posted on 03/10/2009




I was worried about giving my daughter drugs so I gave her frozen waffles, she loved them! I guess the cold helped with the teething and they tasted great!

Michelle - posted on 03/10/2009




Have you tried Hyland's Teething Tablets? These have been a lifesaver for us with our twins. Our pediatrician (along with virtually every mom at work) suggested them. You can safely give them in combination with infant tylenol. They work wonders. We also generally massage their gums a little (just with a clean finger) before and after the medicine. They seem to really like that, too.

Shanna - posted on 03/10/2009




I like Tyleno because you can give it every 4 hours if needed and it help with fevers that some babies get while teething. Sometimes my daughter likes me to rub her gums either with my finger or with a cold wash cloth. And of course, the teething rings

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p.s. I just grind them up between two spoons and put my finger in her mouth to get my finger wet and them put the powder under her tongue or in her cheeks--it dissoves easily---and works wonders

Emily - posted on 03/09/2009




Motrin works a LOT better than tylenol for teething. I would also strongly recommend Hylands Teething Tablets. You can buy them at walmart or target, and they work instantly.

Katie - posted on 03/09/2009




Besides the normal teething rings and cold wash cloths, my daughter really liked gnawing on a popsicle. I also gave her a little infant tylenol to help with the pain. Good luck!

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