travel advice for moms that travel often with their babies/ kids

Arielle - posted on 08/06/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Travelling with the whole family can get stressful sometimes especially when it comes to preparation and packing. If you're the type of mom that loves outdoor fun with your kids, or just having a vacation for the next couple of days, weeks, months, you are in the right place to post you questions about travelling with baby/kids. May it be what to bring, where to go, what to do, what to avoid, immunizations, health, etc. etc. Don't hesitate!

I'm encouraging other moms also, if you have something good to advice, to feel free to post and help another mom.

Have a great trip!

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Lauren - posted on 08/08/2012




My daughter is 7 months old and she has traveld every way besides city bus. plane, car, boat, train we've done it all. For the drive I usually pack her favorite blankie and cuddle toy for sleep time for the day i bring some rattle toys, or any toys that make noise. Everytime we stop to pee or eat or get gas i take her out for a stretch and to change her diaper. i bring her to look around and see the new things. i try to keep it interesting for her, becasue she is a baby doesnt mean i dont have to explaine where we are or what we are doing. i feel like its all a learning experience even at such a young age. i am lucky to have such a good baby, i constantly get compliments on trips of how well behaved she is for a baby! :) im very proud to travel with her without worries.

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