Trigger finger (thumb)

Donna - posted on 09/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My baby has to have sugery on both thumbs due to a condition called "trigger thumb" Has anyone been through this?

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Yes, my daughter had the condition when she was 3. She had the surgery, a minor incision to enter and release the tendon that got stuck. Some therapy after that and she is perfectly fine now.

Jaun - posted on 09/16/2012




Hi, I have just noticed this on my baby girl, in both thumbs as well and have done some research... the information availible is very limited... im having a hard time deciding if i should wait and see what happens as apparently if it has not gone by age three surgery is a must.... she is now one and a half......i just cant see my daughter in pain after surgery.... she is not in pain now.....I would also like to know more and why this happens, is there a lack of something? I give her vitamins (since 1 week as prescribed by nurse and doctor - she was 1 month prem), i have been giving her tissue salts as advised by a nurse to help ease cramps. It works very well, but now im wondering if that could maybe not be the cause...........i dont know what to make of this, all information on the subject will be very welcome especially from moms whom have gone through this, thank you .

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