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Jerrie - posted on 03/28/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is already 1 years of age and for some reason i still haven't lost the baby weight. Most of my friends who has kids has already lost their wieght and got their perfect body back. I was told it was going to be harder since i didn't get to lose the weight from my daughter before getting pregnant again. Do any one have any safe ways to lose weight? I just need some help fast because the doctor told me if i don't lose the weight fast imma be the next one in my family with diabetes. Im only 160 or a little under and my main goal is to get to at least get in the 120. so could someone please help!


Jennifer - posted on 03/29/2011




Well obviously you need to get some exercise. Walking is usually the easiest with a baby, but if you can get to a gym do it. If you're saying 160 is overweight than I'm guessing you are 5'4 or shorter. So, you will want to keep your calorie count at 1200 (1500 if you start working out).

Eat alot of lean proteins like chicken, fish, turkey, soy. And make sure your fiber comes from fruit/veggies or whole grains like oatmeal or bread that actually has the term "100% whole grain" on the label. All these products that say "made with whole wheat" are useless. They have approx. the same amount of fiber as white wonder bread. Try to cut out as much pasta, rice and bread that you can

Best way to cut calories is beverages..people tend not to count calories from drinks and it's a huge mistake. You should drink at least HALF your weight in water daily (make it iced cold to boost your metabolism) And use fresh lemons for flavor and to reduce water retention. Take a multi-vitamin.
And keep a food diary TRUST ME..keeping track of everything you put in your mouth will make you stop putting the bad things down your gullet!
This website has a great tool at the bottom of the page called My Slimquick Program that you can use to track your food/exercise/weight. Even if you don't use the product, which I actually recommend.
(P.S. I worked for a company called LA Weight Loss for many years before I moved on to Jenny I know a thing or two about this subject)
I promise you if you do these things you WILL lose weight :)

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